The Isotropic Process

Over our four years of digital building, Isotropic has created a well defined process for WordPress website creation. Our process keeps costs down, timelines on track, and results in beautiful final products.

The Isotropic Process is directly related to our relationship based approach, where we seek to critically understand your business and customer needs, to create the best possible website for you.



For us, the discovery process of any web design engagement is the most important part of the project. Here, we seek to accurately understand you, your business, your customers, and more. By gathering this information, we’re able to form a unique strategy specific to your company, and then build a valuable digital asset from that strategy.
Our relationship with you begins through a discovery call. In this discovery call, we’ll discuss what you’re looking for, and identify if our agency is a good fit for your company.
If we know that our agency and your company is a good match, we will seek to identify a basic scope, budget, timeline, and requirement list.
Proposals are not a one-sided document, instead, we hope to go back-and-forth with the client, chiseling it down the best representation of your future asset. (This is done through collaborative editing, emails, and follow up phone calls). For any web design project, feedback is paramount, and we begin our relationship with it.
Following this initial phone call, we’ll send you a customized questionnaire that will help us accurately identify the scope of your project. From it, we can generate a detailed proposal which includes a timeline, price, scope, features, functionality, and more.
Once you love your proposal, we’ll generate a contract from it, which ensures that both parties understand what work is going to be done. It is sent to you to review and e-sign.


Strategy, feedback, and transparency go hand-in-hand, so as soon as you review and sign the project contract, we’ll add you to several internal tools, such as our project portal and a private Slack channel.
The project portal is where we track our hours, list out various tasks, and request feedback from our clients. The private slack channel is created so we don’t have unwieldy email chains, and you have a direct line to the developers, designers, and managers who are assigned to your project.
With every single project, you have a single point of contact, making things quick and easy on your end. You begin your relationship with this point of contact here.
Once you’ve been added to the portal and our communications system, it’s time to iron out your website strategy. This is done through a series of digital communications, as well as exploratory phone calls, which begin with analysis, contain idea generation and brainstorming, and end with a build plan.
We analyze many different things, including your brand ideology, colors, typography, existing content, user flow, website goals, client preferences, website concerns, functionality requirements (diving deep into what these functionalities consist of) and more.
From this data, we generate ideas and go back-and-forth with the client to create a site architecture, set brand guidelines, generate content, storyline unique to your company, and more.
This process varies wildly depending on your website goals, project type, and individual company. However, during this strategy phase, you and our agency walk away with all of the information we need to begin the design phase.


During this phase, you will work with our classically trained design team, who are augmented by independent contractors specializing in your industry, to create a functional website that looks beautiful, connects with your customers, and abides by your design preferences.
We first create initial design guidelines. From them, we create mockups for individual pages, which are approved after rigorous feedback. Feedback is taken from our general team, you, your team, and others. For some projects, we incorporate external user review and testing into our design phase.


After our detailed designs are created and approved by the client, it’s time to begin the build process. We begin working, page by page, to realize these static designs into a functional and dynamic WordPress website. All development is done on a client accessible domain, so you can watch the build in real time and offer feedback.
Tasks and hours are tracked in the project portal so you can understand what is going on and at what point in the project we’re at.
After the basic version of the website frontend is built and we’ve included the unique functionalities, we work on the backend of the website to create an easy to use interface for you, the client.
After the basic version of the website frontend is built and we’ve included the unique functionalities, we work on the backend of the website to create an easy to use interface for you, the client.
We’ll then go back to the frontend, ensuring that everything is responsive and works as it should. Following the review, we replace placeholder content with pre-existing content, or new copywriting which is created by you or third-party copywriting experts that we have worked with in the past.
All of our projects contain a robust and comprehensive on page a SEO audit, where we run through your website, the content, and the structure to ensure that it is as visible and accessible to Google and other search engines as possible. This includes setting up sitemaps, generating a robots.txt file, meta tags, OG images, redirections, and more.
At this point, after undergoing comprehensive feedback from you, our team, and third-party testing services, the website should be ready to launch. First, we onboard you to its various functionalities and systems, so you’re familiar with your platform. This is done through a written documentation and video tutorials, and continued after the website is brought live.
After you have a general understanding of how to use your website, it’s time to bring it live. This is done by working with DNS records and redirecting the domain to your production hosting. This is a complex process, as we need to keep existing mail infrastructure and other services intact, and is typically done on a Saturday night when your traffic is at its lowest point. We will host a virtual launch party with our team and you during this process to celebrate you going live.


After the website goes live, we strictly monitor it for up to 30 days to ensure that all functionalities are working, submit it to Google, and fulfill several other post launch tasks. At this point, your website is live, customers are using it, and you are loving life. We provide ongoing maintenance in pre-purchased our blocks, as discussed in our FAQ.
If you’re interested in learning more about our process, or exploring a potential project with Isotropic Design, please feel free to reach out via our contact page. If you have any pressing questions, we would love to answer them to the best of our ability.
A relationship driven website creation company.


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