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Included Services

Product Review

A thorough and unbiased review of your product. Includes screenshots, written by experienced Web Developers.


Product Article

Choose 1: A detailed, step-by-step tutorial showing how to do something with your product OR a comparison with a competing product (this is unbiased, so many choose the tutorial option 🙂 ) OR a list of products with yours at the top.

Example | Alt Example

Video Review

A video review published in native English detailing your product on IsotropicTV.



We'll post your product on our Twitter, Facebook Page, and (crown jewel), the IsoGroup Facebook Group with ~1,500 active members. You're invited in to answer questions on our posts.

If the opportunity presents itself, we'll also publish this in other Facebook Groups or Subreddits.

This service is a perfect way to Spotlight your product, while also showing its capabilities with a detailed technical tutorial. Our expert review is created by native English developers from the Isotropic team, and then video reviewed and publish time IsotropicTV. Our reviews detail features, use cases, pricing, competitors, and our personal thoughts as professional developers. Note, this is unbiased and independently written by a developer on our Agency staff (typically James).

Additionally, we will publish another detailed technical tutorial - ideal to highlight your product being used "in the wild", or a great way to answer a commonly requested feature or situation.

It's the perfect way to show your product in use, alongside a detailed video and written review. All content is published to our social channels.

Reach up to:

~75,000 Monthly Website Visitors

~100,000k Reach and 3,000+ YouTube Subscribers

~1,500 Active and Loyal Facebook Group Members


What Do Your Written Product Reviews Look Like?

These are incredibly detailed, high-quality product reviews written in needed English by professional web developers. Our work speaks for itself. Take a look here: (archive of WordPress plugin reviews) (recent single review demo)

We have great SEO and consistently rank our product reviews on the first page of Google. Many take the 1 to 3 position due to our quality and reputation.

What are Product Articles?

These are secondary items of contents and can be anything that you want. Typically they take the form of detailed tutorials on how to use your product to do a specific thin

However, we also do detailed comparisons, lists, and other content types at your request.

What Do Your Video Reviews Look Like?

Video reviews are screen recordings of software products. For example, if you are looking to have your plugin reviewed, we will run through everything including the features, pricing, development team, installation process, set up process, and usage process.

Minimum length: 10mins

The best way to understand what these videos look like is the watch them:

We link to the written review in the description of the video as well as your product landing page.

How / When Am I Billed?

You are billed upfront. We accept any major credit card and process orders with WooCommerce.

Are Affiliate Links Used?

Nope! Affiliate links are not placed in our articles or description for the video review for 12 months from publication date.

After a period of 12 months, we may replace these links with affiliate links. However, we will still keep 2 dofollow links of your choice.

Do You Have Custom Products/Services?

We offer a custom services if the scope exceeds this offering, which is our highest tier of product content marketing. In the past, we have created documentations, many video tutorials, and other content published on Isotropic as well as directly on the developer websites.

If you are looking for services like this or consulting, we invite you to contact us here.

How Can I get the Max ROI From This Investment?

We invite you to publicize our content on your socials, and link back to the written reviews to help rank them higher on Google. We are a well respected and trusted WordPress / Web Design content publisher that's been around for years. Our reviews are detailed, unbiased, and written by native English speakers.

We've found that the highest ROI campaigns are dev shops that have a hard time 1) gaining traction, or 2) showing why their products are awesome 3) doing this in native English as it's not their first language.

This is what we specialize in!

Let's get started!

Clicking the button below will bring you to our check out. Once payment is cleared, you'll get access to an account area which will have a link to a quick (1-2min) order form. You'll fill out things like company info, product info, goals, required dofollow links and a couple other items.

We'll work on creating the written review, alongside the other content item. Once complete, you'll be able to vet for accuracy and flow. From this content, we'll record the video review. All content items will go live on the same day and be published on our socials. This process typically takes 2-4 weeks.

Wait! One final thing. Our reviews are unbiased. It's important that the product you've created offers value to your customers. We look for the best in all products, but if there are no differentiators (lower price, better value, incredible support, rapid development... etc), we will be honest with you and offer a refund. With that said, you'll notice that virtually all of our reviews dive into the core features, benefits, and use cases of the plugins and products that we write about.

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