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Bricks Builder Mastery (Course)

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Required tools

If you are a new Bricks Builder user looking to become proficient in creating websites with this page building tool, this course is for you. In it, you'll learn everything from installing and configuring the builder to advanced topics such as creating your own elements. This is a perfect course for beginners and professionals alike, and everybody will find value in it.

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This course will teach you everything that you need to know when it comes to building professional websites with the Bricks Builder for WordPress.

This builder is growing rapidly in its usership and popularity, for good reason. With it, you can create performance websites (no code bloat), it has an incredibly simple and elegant user interface, and meets the needs of both professional developers along side hobbyist creators. The development release schedule is quick, and new features are added consistently.

This is coming in mid summer 2022, and will be updated to include education on new features added to the builder in the future.

Required Tools

The only plugin that is required for this course is the most up to date version of Bricks Builder.

All other plugins discussed in this course are either free or optional.

This section will be updated to include more information as filming progresses.


What Is the refund policy?

If you do not find value in this course, there is a 14 day refund period OR 5% completion period, whichever comes last.

You can refund with no questions asked in those 14 days as long as you did not watch over 5% of the content. You can also refund outside of that 14 day period as long as you did not watch over 5% of the content.

What if a topic I want to learn about isn't covered?

You can request additional education on special topics, and we will do our best to add it to the course. This makes it more valuable for current and future students alike.

What is the access period for this course?

You have lifetime access to this course and all lessons included within.

If we switch to a subscription model in the future, your lifetime access will not be impacted.

Any Advanced Modules that you gain access to add the time of purchase are included in this lifetime subscription. Future modules may or may not be included in this lifetime access (and would need to be bought separately).

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Bricks Builder Mastery (Course)

By James LePage
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Beginner, Intermediate, Tips for Pros
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James LePage
James LePage is the founder of Isotropic, a WordPress education company and digital agency. He is also the founder of, a venture backed startup bringing AI to WordPress creators.
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