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Oxygen Builder Mastery (Course)

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Required tools

If you're looking for a complete course on how to build professional websites with Oxygen Builder, you're in the right place. This will bring you from beginner to advanced user in a few hours, teaching you tips and tricks learned from the 2+ years our agency has been using this builder to develop our award winning portfolio sites.

This course will teach you everything that you need to know to utilize Oxygen Builder to create performant and responsive websites. Oxygen is a unique website creation tool that completely disables the formal theme system in WordPress, and replaces it with a easy to use yet advanced builder interface. You can visually create websites, while also adding custom JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, and condition rules to build highly dynamic and fast loading experiences.

This course has almost 100 hours of instruction in the form of tutorial videos on how to use all aspects of this powerful tool, as well as a complete website build out that you can follow along and see tips and tricks from a developer who has been using this tool professionally for several years.

Oxygen is a powerful, yet misunderstood platform. This course will teach you all you need to know to achieve mastery, and create some pretty awesome websites from it.

There are also three bonus modules included in this course (which can also be purchased separately here, if you only want access to them):

Oxygen Builder Metabox Course Module

An advanced course module that will teach you how to create completely custom dynamic websites using the Metabox plugin. Metabox is a popular custom fields tool beloved by the Oxygen community because they offer a LTD.

Oxygen Builder ACF Course Module

An advanced course module teach me how to create completely custom dynamic websites using the ACF plugin. ACF is the most powerful and well loved custom fields tool available for WordPress, and has a deep integration with Oxygen Builder.

Oxygen Builder WooCommerce Course Module

A course module teaching you how to create WooCommerce websites with Oxygen Builder - told by somebody who has created several 7-8 figure WooCommerce stores with Oxygen that are live today.

These three modules teach advanced skills and are a perfect way to further your knowledge on the builder if you already have the basics and intermediate skills down. You will need to be proficient in standard Oxygen Builder techniques, and knowledge of CSS, PHP, and JS will help but are not required. Included in this course, but if you only want these modules, they are also for sale separately here.

Required Tools

The only plugin you'll need for this course is the Oxygen Builder v4.0 base license.

However, we'll go over the Gutenberg Integration, WooCommerce integration, and Composite Elements, so getting the Agency License ensures you'll get the most out of this tool.

Note: This course is filmed with the most recent version of Oxygen (4.x), but can also be used with version 3.X as there's backwards compatibility.  Additionally, content is continually updated as new features are released for this plugin.

You do not need any extra third-party add-ons, though we will cover some of them in this course. However, you can build the same example website with native Oxygen and nothing more.


What Is the refund policy?

If you do not find value in this course, there is a 14 day refund period OR 5% completion period, whichever comes last.

You can refund with no questions asked in those 14 days as long as you did not watch over 5% of the content. You can also refund outside of that 14 day period as long as you did not watch over 5% of the content.

What version of Oxygen do I need?

We suggest that you use the most recent version of Oxygen available. The course is filmed with Oxygen Builder 4.0, and is continually updated as major changes are announced.

Do I need 3rd party addons?


We will use Hydrogen Pack in this course, which is a paid third-party add-on for the builder. The primary use of this add-on is keyboard shortcuts to easily add elements within the canvas. This can be done manually, but hydrogen is used to save time and be more efficient during the recording.

This is NOT REQUIRED AT ALL, but suggested.

Do you include lessons on WooCommerce, and custom fields?

Yes, WooCommerce, Gutenberg, and custom fields are all covered in lessons in this course.

Additionally, you can purchase these modules separately if you do not want this entire course, and only want to learn about these specific topics.

Why pay for this when there is free content available?

This offers you a structured, educational approach to learning the basics and intermediate skills necessary to create professional websites with Oxygen Builder.

You can learn all these skills in a fragmented way by utilizing blogs and YouTube tutorials, many of which we have published and are available to everybody.

However, we feel that this course is an efficient way to learn all the skills at once. Furthermore, you have direct access with your instructors and classmates via a private community, and can request members only content/lessons be added to this course.

What if a topic I want to learn about isn't covered?

You can request additional education on special topics, and we will do our best to add it to the course. This makes it more valuable for current and future students alike.

What skills do I need (do I need to know how to code)?

You do not need to know how to code, and need no special skills other than an open mind. 95% of these lessons will not even discuss anything related to coding. However, best practices in basic HTML and CSS will likely be learned when you complete this course, as Oxygen is very based in these concepts.

The 5% of lessons that will discuss code typically pertain to using custom style sheets and classes with CSS, and are relatively basic.

The advanced modules will discuss code (html, css, js and PHP).

What is the access period for this course?

You have lifetime access to this course and all lessons included within.

If we switch to a subscription model in the future, your lifetime access will not be impacted.

Any Advanced Modules that you gain access to add the time of purchase are included in this lifetime subscription. Future modules may or may not be included in this lifetime access (and would need to be bought separately).

What are Advanced Modules?

Advanced Modules go into deep detail on specialized, advanced concepts within the builder. Due to the nature, they are available for purchase separately, but many are also bundled with in the course and your lifetime access.

We currently have three advanced modules, and plans to add additional ones.
- ACF (included in course)
-Metabox (included in course)
- WooCommerce (included in course)

They are great ways for people who have been using this tool for a while to add new skills to their toolbox.

Why this course?

Published by Isotropic, this is the culmination of multiple years of building websites professionally with the Isotropic Agency.

We've built dozens of large scale WordPress websites using Oxygen, from major WooCommerce to high traffic digital magazines.

Isotropic also offers a ton of free education regarding this builder and WordPress in general via the blog and YouTube channel.

Compared to competing courses, you will get a ton of experience that comes from practical, real life agency work, which offers a different perspective than others.

Additionally, there's simply more content in this course than other leading offerings :)

How does this course progress?

We first teach you the basics of this plug-in and why it is different from other builders out there.

Then, we cover all concepts that Oxygen has to offer, such as advanced settings, conditions, style sheets, the class system, and more.

Finally, we apply those concepts to a real world example website build, while interspersing tips and tricks to make you more effective and efficient.

If you finish the course and want more, then you can move onto the three advanced modules to learn more complex things such as custom fields, the utilization of dynamic data, and building e-commerce experiences.

Check out the lesson list above to get a good understanding of what's included and how it's laid out.

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Oxygen Builder Mastery (Course)

By James LePage
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James LePage is the founder of Isotropic, a WordPress education company and digital agency. He is also the founder of, a venture backed startup bringing AI to WordPress creators.
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