5+ Hours of content | 40+ Topics

WordPress Speed Optimization (Course)

5+ Hours of content | 40+ Topics
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Required tools

Slow loading WordPress website(s)? This course will introduce you to the world of website speed optimization; covering Google Core Web Vitals and Pagespeed Audits, what these stats and audits mean, and how you can leverage free and paid plugins, techniques and tools to completely optimize your website. By the end of this course, you'll have the skills to score over 90 on Google PageSpeed, and make your website load quickly; lowering bounce rates and increasing SERPs.

In this course (coming soon, sign up for launch discount and notification), you'll learn everything you need to know when it comes to WordPress Speed Optimization. You'll be able to take these skills and apply them to your personal site, or offer a new service to clients.

We'll be covering a myriad of topics, including:

  • What Google Core Web Vitals are and why you should care
  • How to identify performance issues on your website
  • Google Lighthouse and PageSpeed - what the stats, numbers and audits mean
  • Hosting, why it matters, what to look for, how to test speed
  • Image optimization - theory and practice
  • How to optimize images (all the tools and plugins we use)
  • Caching - types of caching, theory, practice, and best plugins
  • How to set up caching for a WordPress website
  • Database optimization
  • WooCommerce-specific optimization tips & tricks
  • Mobile-first optimization tips & tricks
  • Other various speed topics, like conditionally loading plugins, removing unused CSS and more
  • WordPress Speed Optimization checklist & best practices

As mentioned in the Required Tools section of this course syllabus, we'll be offering two solutions for each topic - a paid tool (typically better and easier), and a free tool. Therefore, you can reasonably complete this course and speed up your WordPress website without spending another dime. We decided to take this route (essentially making 2 courses in one) to ensure that everybody from the small business on a budget to the large digital agency can gleam value from this offering.

This course is taught by James LePage, the founder and creative director of the Isotropic Agency. For years, Isotropic offered a professional speed optimization service (SpeedOpp), which was used by major publications and ecommerce websites using the WordPress CMS. James also wrote the book "How To Boost Your WordPress Websites PageSpeed Score", which you can find here. This book is included in this course as a free download.

Want to know more about speed optomization? Read the 50+ articles on the blog about this topic.

Required Tools

This course will cover a myriad of techniques, tools, plugins, and services used to make a WordPress website faster.

Each lesson or topic will offer two solutions - one free, and one paid (if a paid solution is "better", in our opinion). You can check out what tools we'll be using in the lesson list below.

While you'll be required to get plugins and tools, you'll never be forced into a paid solution (there's always a free alternative) - we know that for many, an expensive caching or image optimization can really push the budget. We'll do our best to speak about the differences between each tool.


Do I need paid plugins to complete this course?

No - we offer two solutions for everything discussed in this course, one free and one paid. Typically, the paid plugins and services are easier and more powerful, but you can create a completely optimized WordPress website for free, and we'll show you how.

Can I share this course with Employees/Coworkers?

We've included this answer as a few agencies asked us this. The standard purchase is only for one person.

Please get in touch with us to create a custom pricing structure (read: volume discount) that makes sense for both of us!

What is the refund policy?

If you do not find value in this course, there is a 14 day refund period OR 5% completion period, whichever comes last.

You can refund with no questions asked in those 14 days as long as you did not watch over 5% of the content. You can also refund outside of that 14 day period as long as you did not watch over 5% of the content.

What is the access period for this course?

You have lifetime access to this course and all lessons included within.

If we switch to a subscription model in the future, your lifetime access will not be impacted.

Any Advanced Modules that you gain access to add the time of purchase are included in this lifetime subscription. Future modules may or may not be included in this lifetime access (and would need to be bought separately).

Why this course from this instructor?

James literately wrote the book on this topic. He's been at speed optimization for years, and presents advanced concepts in an easy to understand manner.

Why pay for this course when there are free videos out there?

This offers you a structured, educational approach to learning the basics and intermediate skills necessary to create professional WordPress websites that load really fast.

You can learn all these skills in a fragmented way by utilizing blogs and YouTube tutorials, many of which we have published and are available to everybody.

However, we feel that this course is an efficient way to learn all the skills at once. Furthermore, you have direct access with your instructors and classmates via a private community, and can request members only content/lessons be added to this course.

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WordPress Speed Optimization (Course)

By James LePage
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Meet your instructor,
James LePage
James LePage is the founder of Isotropic, a WordPress education company and digital agency. He is also the founder of, a venture backed startup bringing AI to WordPress creators.
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