ProjectHuddle Acquired By Brainstorm Force: Report

Published: 2 weeks ago

ProjectHuddle was recently acquired and the new owner is Brainstorm Force. Brainstorm Force is the same company behind the Astra theme, Ultimate Addons, Convert Plus, and several other popular plugins/WordPress products.

ProjectHuddle is software that provides a way for development/design teams to work together on a Website. It's a WordPress Plugin that connects team members by providing the tools they need to collaborate seamlessly. The Plugin brings multiple features and capabilities to the WordPress CMS: project management, task management, file sharing and messaging system.

Most teams are scattered, with some members in the office, some at home or on the road, and lack of integration between them. ProjectHuddle solves this problem by making it easy for team members to share files, leave messages for others, assign tasks, and provide feedback on any document.

Read our detailed review of ProjectHuddle in 2021. Interested in comparing feedback tools? We've published that here.

ProjectHuddle Logo by Andre Gagnon on Dribbble

It offers a unique, self hosted alternative to SaaS solutions for Web Design and Development feedback and task distribution, such as Dropbox and Basecamp. Due to it's nature, it may be more cost effective as well as being easier to customize.

From the Founder of ProjectHuddle - "During my discussion with Sujay, co-founder and CEO of Brainstorm Force, I quickly realized not only our mission is aligned with Brainstorm Force’s belief of helping businesses grow online with easy and affordable solutions, but we also shared some common values." (source)

As more and more popular WordPress plugins are acquired by larger companies, the future of these plugins are put into question. Once a company buys a plugin, it can do whatever it likes with its code at any time. It may keep it updated, but this is not always the case. There have been numerous times when popular plugins stop being updated because their creators have moved on to other projects or have simply decided that they no longer want to support the plugin.

The acquisition by Brainstorm Force is a good sign to current license holders as well as those looking to buy ProjectHuddle. The company is reputable, has a good track record and is fully committed to Project Huddle. We can expect features and updates for years to come (under the old ownership, new features have stagnated over the past year or so).

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