ProjectHuddle Review: Best Feedback Tool For Web Design

By James LePage
 on January 31, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

ProjectHuddle Review: Best Feedback Tool For Web Design

By James LePage
 on January 31, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

This is a review of the ProjectHuddle Feedback tool by an agency that actually uses it. ProjectHuddle is an incredibly well designed tool that allows you to collect feedback on digital designs and websites. It's a self hosted solution powered by WordPress, but compatible with any Website CMS out there.

ProjectHuddle Logo by Andre Gagnon on Dribbble

Picture a whiteboard with a hand drawn website mockup on it. To add feedback to it, you would place yellow sticky notes with your thoughts, and an arrow pointing to a specific section of the board. ProjectHuddle takes this ideology, and translates it into a digital feedback solution. With it, users can easily point and click on image mockups and live websites, commenting on specific sections and groups of content.

This makes it incredibly easy to collect client feedback on various mediums, offering an easy way for your team to categorize and act on information coming directly from clients and users. We have used many web design feedback tools in the past, and this offers an incredible blend of best in class pricing and value, as well as super clean design and usability.

It also comes with a ton of features oriented towards agencies and creators who use it. For example, it is 100% white labeled, meaning that you use your own domain, host it yourself, have complete data ownership, pay a single fee, and offer a brand experience to your clients.

Essentially, it's your own feedback platform on your own server, making it easy for developers, clients, and project managers alike to collect and act on feedback. Let's take a look at the main selling points, features, design screenshots, and pricing to better understand why ProjectHuddle is such a good option when it comes to collaborative project feedback on digital mediums.

ProjectHuddle Features

There are several great features that come with ProjectHuddle, and separated from any other solution out there. First, everything about it, from the sales website, to the plug-in installation, to the front end and back end interfaces for both clients and managers is incredibly well designed. This is one of the best designed products that we have used, non exclusive to its industry.

There are two major use cases for this tool, including feedback on live website design and development projects, and static mockups. These static mockups can come in the form of a PDF or an image file, and the visitor or client can point and click on various sections, offering their feedback. Because it offers this static mockup support, you can use this for feedback throughout the entire project, from design to development. This offers a central platform to collect and categorize all project feedback, and only means that your developers and clients need to understand how to use this one system created by ProjectHuddle.

Projecthuddle Lifetime Deal | WordPress Plugin For Website & Design Feedback

Once mockups are approved, and we begin the live development of a website project, we can install the feature that allows us to collect and manage project feedback by integrating a simple JavaScript tag. Because of this JavaScript tag, this tool can be used on any website. Clients then offer feedback, and we also use the platform to populate placeholder text with website content. We can offer access to the feedback platform to our clients, third party independent copywriters, and other stakeholders on their projects.

It's also great because it can fit into the actual project workflow, where the client needs to sign off and give approval on the designs before the agency jumps into the development.

With each instance of feedback, we can use webhooks and email notifications too integrate this platform directly with other project management tools that we use.

The tool integrates with unlimited websites on any CMS or platform. It offers a central dashboard for you and your team to manage all website design, and digital design projects with feedback.

The white labeling feature is created specifically for that use case, as the developers behind this product understand that agencies and freelancers want to brand it as their own. So, instead of your clients seeing ProjectHuddle branding, they see her own, from a custom domain to custom colors and logos. This is all done through the back end, and requires no knowledge of code.

Also, if you're an agency, you will likely want to extend this product to work with your existing systems and workflows. This can be done as there is super clean and commented code with a ton of hooks and a child template system so you or your developers can make customization or integrations. It's also a GPL license, so you can extend, modify, and use it however you want. Really cool there.

And, this tool isn't just created for web design feedback from clients when developing the website, you can use it with live visitors to collect feedback on design and usability there, and you can use it for ongoing support for clients. Instead of writing a long and detailed documentation for every project, you could simply tell your client that they can ask specific questions by using this tool, pointing and clicking on the area of the site that they need support with, ask the question, and you'll respond. This will also categorise all of the responses, so they can come back to it in the future.

ProjectHuddle Design and Usability

We've said this a couple times in this article, and will continue saying it, but this is one of the best designed products that we have ever used. It's super clean, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and as many like to say -- it doesn't feel like a WordPress plugin or add-on, instead it feels like a completely custom build platform. And that's exactly what the developers were going for, when you install it, you get a completely customized web design feedback platform, transforming the WordPress instance into another platform entirely.

This design means that your team will have no problem adopting this into their workflow for feedback, it will make them more efficient, saving you money, and your clients will have no issues as well. It's super intuitive, meaning that anybody could use it (as long as they understand how to work a mouse) - no need to understand how any technology works.

We've also been able to use this on tablets and smartphones, meaning that the developers considered responsive design when creating this product.

You can demo both the Image Mockups and Live Websites

ProjectHuddle: A self hosted solution

Depending on how you have your hosting setup, you can install this on a sub domain or sub directory on existing hosting. For example, if you are using Cloudways to host your agency website, you can simply add this to your existing plan, hosting it on a sub domain like so:

there are a ton of benefits that come with self hosting, including no monthly costs, control over your hosting and server environment, and complete data ownership. No third party will have access to this data, and be able to sell it or use it maliciously. This makes it incredibly budget friendly, and super extendable as well, as you can easily edit the code via PHP. It works with your existing WordPress site, and no advanced configuration is necessary. You simply install a WordPress instance, Install the ProjectHuddle platform, which comes as a plug-in, generate these script tags to set up the feedback on child websites. And you're good to go. A very simple process that means you'll be up and running in mere minutes after purchasing ProjectHuddle.

if you have a smaller set up, you could probably even use this on an existing agency site /personal portfolio.

ProjectHuddle Pricing (as of Feb 2021)

This is a self hosted platform that is sold as a WordPress plugin, and pricing is very reasonable when compared to other offerings.

This product has a regular and a professional yearly pricing model, though both tiers offer unlimited mockups, unlimited websites, and unlimited users. The regular place comes in at $109 per year, and renews at 10% off. The professional plan comes in at $139 per year, renews at 10% off, and gives you access to everything that the regular plan has as well as exclusive add-ons. This includes file uploads, and PDF support. It also gives you access to 3 dashboard websites.

Like many reputable WordPress plugin companies out there, they have a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee, meaning that you can try this platform out for yourself, use it in a real project over those 30 days, and see if it works for you. If it does, then you keep the license, if it doesn't, then you get a full refund. In all of our reviews, we always recommend using this method as a risk free way of trying out a product. It's how we got into some of the best products and ecosystems in our opinion – so try it out!

It's also really nice to see a lifetime deal offering, even though it is quite expensive. However, if you plan on using this platform for Several years, this makes financial sense, and it also allows you to create unlimited dashboard websites, or the installations where you can manage all websites and mockup projects. The lifetime deal offering comes in at $599 as a one time payment. This gives you lifetime access to the platform, forever.

If we compare this well designed, self hosted website feedback platform to other offerings in the industry, the value proposition becomes incredibly clear. With ProjectHuddle, you are able to manage unlimited projects, collect unlimited feedback, and add unlimited users on both the developer, manager, and client fronts.

For only five team members a year, in vision comes in at $1188.00, and pastel comes in at the same price. In comparison, ProjectHuddle comes in at $109 for one year. And, because it's a GPL license, you don't need to update every year, unless you want product updates and support.

For this relatively low purchase price, you get access to an actively developed product with a public road map that looks incredibly promising. In the near term, there's going to be a direct integration to slack and Trello, notes that are internal to your team, an easy way to export comments into a CSV format, and more. There's also active development that the team is currently working on including a new authentication system for browsers, blocking third party cookies, live refresh and a live chat, webhooks integration, and status categories for comments. By the time you're reading this article, these features may have already shipped.

Our Personal Experience With ProjectHuddle

We have used this tool on many client projects. In our experience, it has been an incredible platform for collecting client feedback, and can be used at all aspects of the project, from design mockup approval to live development feedback to on going support. We've used it exactly as the developers intended, as a complete website feedback platform that was self hosted on our own servers.

The one thing that we have not had experience with was the support that this company has to offer period from reviews, the support that ProjectHuddle offers is one of the best out there. We've seen that they're incredibly quick to respond, and offer custom support for specific queries , meaning you're going to get the best Possible experience and end product.

We never needed to contact support because the documentation is super detailed, and all of the code is commented, meaning that we could easily understand the entire platform from the code to the actual design to the actual usability.


To close this review: ProjectHuddle is an incredibly well designed, self hosted, self contained website project feedback system that is a joy to use for clients, project managers, developers, and agencies alike.

On the surface, it's a simple and usable platform for all parties, but if you dig a bit deeper you can access advanced features such as a rest API, clean and commented code, completely customizable platforms, unlimited users, and the ability to white label a platform offering a brand experience to your customers from start to finish.

It's obviously created by people who needed it for themselves, as it contains everything you need in terms of project feedback, approvals, milestones, and more. If you know how, you can even integrate it with your CRM platforms, setting up a complete experience including pricing, billing, project management, and more.

Pricing, when compared to computing solutions, is incredibly valuable and cost effective, and the company even offers a one time lifetime purchase. With the 30 day money back guarantee, anybody who is in the market for a well designed feedback platform should definitely consider ProjectHuddle. If you have any specific questions or comments, leave them down below.

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