16+ Defined SaaS Ideas To Make Money in 2024

By James LePage
 on June 29, 2022

16+ Defined SaaS Ideas To Make Money in 2024

By James LePage
 on June 29, 2022

Cloud-based software services are more popular than ever because they provide a greater capability for many service providers and startups. SaaS or Software as a Service offers flexible features and increased user connectivity.

Microservices can connect to one another through various platforms to create a complex network of applications that can produce customized results that generate more customers and options. Consider these SaaS ideas to help jump-start a path to significant growth and appeal to the cloud-based SaaS market.

Here are some good SaaS ideas to spark your desire to cash in on the opportunities. 

Potential SaaS Ideas to Increase Cash Flow

Consider these top micro-business SaaS ideas to help others create a successful business with convenient features and plenty of flexible options for modern business. 

1. Social Media Management

Creating social media management software provides customers with the tools necessary to control and monitor their social media management needs. This application is an excellent addition to ERP systems and startup companies alike.


In cases where there are ERP systems in place, all the data and processes connect together to provide real-time analytics and statistics to help power decision-making and growth. Companies of all sizes will love the ability to control and assess their social media marketing efforts to allow for better insights and campaign modifications. 

2. Content Management 

Content is the king message on blue background

Any part of a successful business is marketing strategy results. Most people in the sales sector know that content is essential for success, whether it's consumer goods or services. A content management software product can allow more individuals to share ideas or work on projects. This software would also provide insights into how the content performs once it's published and provide details about any changes or notable activity related to specific content. This SaaS would appeal to companies of all sizes and in most sales sectors. 

3. Plug-In Apps

There is always a need to have a plug-in service for customers. Although there are some well-known products out there currently, they don't wholly solve user needs. Try to find where these plug-ins underperform or lack user-friendly features and improve on them. Anyone who produces a comparable product that offers more will have a large customer base because they want a newer and better solution.



For example, creating an application that goes on the Shopify marketplace that fulfills a niche requirement, could make a ton of money.

4. Automation for Marketing Needs

Automation for business is one of the newest emerging trends. Having an automated marketing solution helps companies of all sizes have better control over their digital presence and allows them to save money and time. 

5. Financial Planning Tool

Creating a financial planning tool that allows individuals to invoice and track their income is in high demand. Most people who need this type of tool are freelance professionals or artists who need an easy-to-use, reliable system to help them stay on top of billing and money management. Seeing where their money comes from and where it is spent helps them stay organized and aware of their financial situation. 

6. Small Business Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can take the headaches out of a small business employee's workload. It can order supplies, plan schedules, and keep track of appointments and meetings. It's a SaaS many people can use to ensure they don't miss anything during their work schedules. 

7. CRM App for Freelance Workers

There is a rapidly expanding network of freelancers today, and they need the right tools to get ahead and balance their careers effectively. Creating a micro SaaS can help them balance their work/home life more effectively and give them access to essential tools that make work eaters. A CRM is a comprehensive tool that provides access to the business pipeline and organization tools and monitors mobile access. 


8. Book Writing Organization 

Writers sometimes have trouble getting organized and staying organized when writing a book. This micro SaaS would take the guesswork out of the creation process. You can incorporate features that allow the writer to engage in character building and track the plot of the story. There could also be daily reminders to create goal-setting options. 

9. OKR Tracker Application

One essential tool that most businesses need to keep on top of daily processes and projects is an OKR tracker or Objectives and Keys results tracker. The ideal SaaS would provide a feature-rich interface that's user-friendly and provides customizable options for subscribers. If someone wanted to create a successful product, the cost would be a consideration as well. 

10. Rental Property Management Platform

Managing real estate is a daily struggle for most employees. Keeping track of rentals, who purchases the property, and who owns property can be a real headache without the right tools. Create a microservice that allows them to easily upload information and organize it so that they have instant access to details related to their company. This cloud-based SaaS would also have better security to protect personally identifiable information and sensitive customer data. 


11. Interview Tracker

Selecting applications for interviews and then weeding through the potential candidates' CVs can be a real headache. Once you choose those applicants to interview, the actual interview process requires the manager to take notes to compare each interview to select the best option. Having a software service to help organize applications, view details about each candidate, and sort them would make this process much more manageable. You can include a way to enter notes and set reminders or compare CVs to get the best candidates for the company. 

12. Workplace Productivity 

Keeping track of productivity is the best way to modify the daily work process and draw attention to any underperforming areas. Not only does management have the chance to see results in real-time, but employees can benefit from this access too. It's a visual aid that provides measurable statistics and analytics to allow workers and upper management to meet deadlines and stay on track while modifying approaches to worker productivity. 

13. Feedback Tools

Feedback is crucial to the growth and development of SMBs. This micro SaaS would allow them to collect information related to customer feedback and immediately take action. It would alert to new feedback and will enable a representative to reply to that feedback immediately. This service can improve a company's image and help reconnect with customers who may have had a challenging experience with the business. 

14. Video Editor

Video editors are widely popular right now, thanks to the exploding presence of social media. Focusing on a particular platform may produce interest and allow them to control specific features such as splicing, lighting, organization, and filters.

isotropic-2022-06-29-at-18-18-48 is a great example of this type of company

The goal of many content creators is to make visually appealing videos that get likes and interaction, which means they need to stand out and have customization. You can even add some fun new features that the customer can pay for as an add-on feature to provide more flexibility and control. 

15. Children's Messaging App

There are a few notable children's messaging apps in use, but there is always room for improvement. Create an easy-to-use app with customizable parental controls and instant notifications that allow them to see conversations and block users. Add additional safety features and fun filters or customization options to ensure kids like using it and parents approve of its security and transparency. 

16. Publishing Tracker 

People who plan to publish need a tracker and roadmap to navigate and organize the process effectively—having a tool that teams can instantly access to gain insights and monitor progress can mean less confusion and better results. This SaaS idea will save time and headaches for all employees and team managers. This is a game-changing idea for both large and small publishing companies that need to stay on top of multiple clients and take action when necessary. 

Get Started Today

Anyone who wants to make more money with SaaS ideas should consider these top options for 2024. They represent a growing need across all markets and demographics of consumers. They provide tools that make juggling work or personal life much easier with access to valuable tools that save time and money.

The best way to discover which type of SaaS to create is to identify your talents or expertise and use that knowledge to determine what features or services consumers or companies in that industry really need right now to succeed and grow. With the right components and launch marketing, you can create and sell a top-performing SaaS idea to many individuals who want to solve daily problems and have better control over outcomes.  

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1 year ago

The markets for all of the SaaS ideas mentioned above are already saturated as hell. This should be called "16+ defined SaaS ideas that have already been done to death".

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