Screpy Review - How Good Is It In 2024?

By James LePage
 on October 20, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

Screpy Review - How Good Is It In 2024?

By James LePage
 on October 20, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

These days, owning and running a website takes a lot of work.  In order to be successful, there are many tasks that must be handled. Often, various tasks involve bouncing around between different apps or web pages before new content is ready to be launched. This really eats into productivity. 

Screpy takes much of the burden off of serious web owners by way of its intuitive AI system. It gives you time by allowing you to track all of your work on one simple platform. Several analysis tools are combined, so you won't have to spend time bouncing between different web apps.

Overall, Screpy monitors and notifies you about the areas where your website needs help. Auto-generated tasks will give you suggestions for how you should approach web improvements. There is a lot to gain with a Screpy membership. Let’s take a look at some of the features, pros, cons, and pricing below.

Screpy Features

Auto-Generated Tasks

As a busy  web owner, you need all the help you can get. There's nothing like a web manager or assistant that can really get their hands dirty. Luckily, Screpy comes with its own built-in web assistant that runs on AI. The AI feature will give you step-by-step tasks and provide detailed information about the importance and impact of each task.

Whether you have broken links or non-crawlable pages, the auto-generated task feature will alert you of these issues and more. It will tell you where the issues are found and the most important issue will appear at the top of your list.

SEO Monitoring

SEO can be intimidating for many people. It can certainly be an Achilles heel for many people who are running a website without a marketing background. Screpy can reduce your SEO-related fears since it does the work for you. Whether you work at a digital agency or a single web owner, you can take advantage of the AI-based SEO monitoring tool. Screpy’s SEO function scans your website and comes back with a list of step-by-step tasks that you won’t need a thesaurus to comprehend.

The SEO also gives you a score after you complete the recommended SERP tasks.  So you won’t have to wonder how these adjustments will affect your SEO ranking.

Keyword Tracker

Why put so much beautiful work onto a website if users can't find you? This is why keywords are so important. Screpy analyzes the keyword ranking and will offer you related keywords to use for your target.  You will see the top 100 results for any keyword.

The enhanced keyword tracker can sync with Google Trends and provide you with detailed interest based on city, metro, and subregion. 

Don't worry, you can further analyze your past keyword usage for the entire year. Study your keyword rank history for the past 12 months.You can compare your current ranking today with your overall best ranked position. 

Page Speed Monitoring

Putting the time and energy into building a great website that takes too long to load can turn viewers away before you've had a chance to engage them.  Web users know that they have plenty of options these days. So people are simply not going to wait around for a slow-moving website. 

Screpy can help you keep your page moving like a cheetah instead of a turtle. You will get a full health report from your website that will provide detailed information about each and every speed problem. Several user-friendly tasks are displayed on one contact widget that is integrated with Google Lighthouse. So you don't have to feed through several different pages of analytics regarding the health of your site.

These results are not generic jargon as you will get personalized solutions based on your website and specific web pages. So, if you have one individual page or two that is slowing you down, you will know exactly where to go. Your speed results are displayed in seconds, so once you learn of a speed problem, you can get on it just as quickly. 

Uptime Monitoring

Step away from your computer and feel comfortable sleeping at night knowing that your website will be monitored 24/7. Screpy includes uptime monitoring that will give you real-time notifications and spring into action in the event of any downtime. 

Are you worried about your site crashing? What web owner isn't? Screpy will instantly email you in the event that your website goes down. 

Pricing Structure

There are a lot of options to consider when you decide to purchase Screpy.  If you are not sure that this is the right tool for you, you can always test it out by way of a free trial.

However, if you are ready to jump in you have four different pricing options. Once you have purchased a plan, you are not stuck with it. Each plan allows you to either upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.  

Regardless of which plan you choose, you will have access to the following:

  • Notifications 
  • Analysis credits
  • Keyword credits 
  • Uptime 
  • On-Demand Analysis.

If you are a single web proprietor, you may prefer starting out with the Lite package which will cost you $9 per month.  This package will allow you to analyze up to three websites.

The Pro package costs $17 per month and allows you to analyze up to 10 websites. It comes with 4000 keyword credits and can support one team.

Are you a budding company that needs support for 5 teams or less? Screpy Advanced package may be right for you. You pay $79 per month and can analyze up to 30 websites. It also comes with 10 times more keyword credits than the previous package.

If you are an agency that is willing to spend $249 per month, get the appropriately-named Agency plan. Unlike the other packages, this plan comes with premium support for as many as 20 teams.

Regardless of how much or how little you spend on one of these plans, remember you can always switch to a different one at any time. 

Who Is It For?

If you are a marketing professional, SEO expert, marketing agency, or a website owner, Screpy is a useful tool to increase your productivity.

At first glance, it may seem like something so big only an agency could grasp it. However, if you are running one or two websites on your own, the Lite package is perfect for you and only costs $9 a month. Not bad for such production streamlining.

Since it is Cloud/SaaS based, remote teams will be able to use this with ease.

Pros and Cons of Screpy


Screpy provides two different ways to test its services. First, you can quickly analyse your site by entering your web URL under the “Test Your Website” module.

Use one of your projects and take Screpy for a spin when you log into their Demo site. If that is not enough to convince you, sign up for a free trial before going with a monthly plan. The free trial lasts for 7 days.

Speaking of monthly plans, this is another area where Screpy provides flexibility. Regardless of which monthly plan you choose, you can switch at any time without penalty. 

You may also cancel anytime as well. In the event of a cancellation, you will have access to Screpy until your subscription ends.

When you sign up for a monthly plan with Screpy, you may be worried about hidden charges or other fees. Luckily, there are no contracts, no setup fees, and no hidden charges.  The pricing structure that you see is what you get.  You have plenty of options to test it out before you spend a dime. Once you do spend money, you are not obligated to stay.

You can further save money by signing up for an annual plan instead of a monthly plan.  If you choose the annual plan option, you will get two months of free service.

Screpy accepts different payment options, such as major credit cards and Stripe.

Don’t haggle over whether or not you have the server space to handle such a powerful tool like Screpy. It is Cloud/Web-based for your convenience. If your team is dispersed all over the planet, your team members will all have easy access to Screpy’s amazing AI productivity solutions.


If you want access to an API, you are out of luck. There are no API plans at the moment.

There is no free monthly package but you do have access to a free 7-day trial.

While Screpy has many flexible options overall, there is no flexibility or customization within any plan itself. For example, if you choose the Pro package which comes with 4,000 keyword credits, there is no way to add a few more keyword credits to that particular package. The next available package has 40,000 keyword credits but now you will have to pay $79 per month. 4000 to 40000 is a big leap, but you will simply have to choose between the two packages.

Once you run out of plan credits, analysis credits and keyword credits, you will simply have to wait until the next month of your subscription to utilize new ones.

Sorry Paypal lovers, Screpy’s payment options don’t include Paypal yet. So, if you don't want to use a credit or debit card, you may have to sign up for a Stripe account.

Are There Alternatives?

Like any other web tool or service, Screpy also has alternatives to consider if it does not work for you. A few of those alternative tools include:

  • AgencyAnalytics
  • CanIRank
  • Semrush
  • AuthorityLabs

Final Thoughts About Screpy

Running a website involves a ton of work. Whether it is one person working alone or a team of hundreds of people, there is a lot that goes into operating and managing a website. However, it is not enough just to have good content. There's a lot of competition out there and you want to make sure that your content is optimized and analyzed so that you are always putting your best foot forward.  

Web managers and content owners have been analyzing their own websites for years. Normally, a mid to large company or team has specific people who handle tasks such as web analytics, content management, SEO.etc. Screpy finds a way to combine these much needed areas of web production into one tool. Every web owner will not have access to or the budget for several different people to handle such tasks. Even if a web analyst or SEO specialist is on deck, Screpy can help to make their job easier.

As competition increases, more people want to have faster content output. A tool like Screpy can help you stay abreast of or possibly above the competition. 

Sole web content owners should seriously give this a try, since so many tools are melded into one. An agency already has several people working for them that may do some of these jobs. However, a blogger that wants to spend more time just blogging may have to outsource some services. With Screpy, the need to outsource can greatly be reduced while also increasing production capability.

One thing I've always hated is being locked into a contract -especially without being able to properly test a tool or service.  I really love the way Screpy gives  potential users several opportunities to make sure this tool is right for them.  You could always use a 7-day free trial, demo, or the simplest way -  quickly testing your URL on the homepage.

After enjoying a free trial, there is a good standard number of price plans to choose from - four to be exact. Luckily, users are not locked into any crazy contracts or have to stick with a plan for a specific amount of time. The reality is, company structures and needs can change very quickly. In this day and age, a successful single blogger may need to build a team of five people or a large company may have to downsize to a midsize one overnight. Having the flexibility to change a plan very easily is a very attractive option with this tool. 

If you need help streamlining your web productivity and combining web tools, you should look into Screpy today. 

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