The Best Shopify Subscription Apps In 2024

By James LePage
 on April 18, 2022

The Best Shopify Subscription Apps In 2024

By James LePage
 on April 18, 2022

As the evolution of the eCommerce industry continues to roar on, new methods of buying and selling are also becoming increasingly popular. One business model that has outpaced many standard business models is the subscription business model, which can be found in services such as Netflix and premium streaming platform services available today.

If you are building a business of your own and are considering a subscription-based business model, you can do so even if you are using the Shopify selling platform to host your store. Before choosing a subscription add-on or app that is right for your Shopify store, compare and review your options to find a Shopify subscription app that genuinely meets your needs.

Why use a Shopify subscription app?


Using a Shopify subscription app can allow you the ability to offer subscription packages to your users, rather than being limited to selling physical items and items that can be immediately downloaded. With a Shopify subscription app, you have the ability to offer a range of paid subscriptions with recurring payments, automatic payment reminders, and in-depth analytics to better understand your user and consumer base. 

Benefits of using a Shopify subscription app

When you are using Shopify as your preferred online selling platform, you may find yourself limited when it comes to launching a subscription plan or a subscription-based selling model for your entire store or brand. Using Shopify subscription apps opens up new opportunities to promote and sell subscriptions, rather than only having the ability to sell real tangible goods as well as downloadable files. Some of the most notable benefits and advantages of using Shopify subscription apps include:

  • Integrate your subscription-based business model: Using a Shopify subscription app is one of the quickest ways to create a subscription business model for any Shopify site without a hassle.
  • Fully-integrated checkout process: When using a Shopify subscription app, you will still have the ability to present your website's checkout process without ever redirecting your users to another website.
  • Invoice reminders: Remind subscribers of their subscription plans and due dates, helping to maintain an ongoing automatic income stream. 
  • Introductory offers: If you want to offer your new subscribers an introductory price, you can do so with a Shopify app that allows discounts on initiation subscription offers. 
  • Insights and analytics: If keeping track of valuable user data and website analytics is important to you, a Shopify subscription app can come in handy. The right Shopify subscription app will provide detailed performance insights and analytics that can help you get a better understanding of your audience and how your subscription model is working. 

Bold Subscriptions

Bold Subscriptions is a popular Shopify app that provides seamless integration of checking out and completing payments with a built-in subscription-based model. With Bold Subscriptions, you can incentivize users to subscribe to different plans and packages based on your preferred model. 


Before choosing a subscription application for Shopify that is truly right for your store, it is important to compare the features that each app has to offer. With Bold Subscriptions, you will immediately gain access to the following features upon creating your free trial account: 

  • Easily create subscription plans and packages for your users with varying pricing tiers. Use multiple levels of packages and subscriptions based on the audiences you intend to reach as well as any introductory prices and discounts you are also promoting.
  • Configure subscription intervals or allow customers to pay manually based on their subscription interval preferences.
  • Custom emails: You can also use Bold Subscriptions to send customizable emails to your current subscribers, helping to keep them informed of any changes or updates you have made to your website.
  • Customer control: With Bold Subscriptions, customers have more control over their subscriptions as well as the type of package or plan they are currently using. 
  • Sign-up incentives: One of the standout features that Bold Subscriptions offers is the ability to implement incentives and rewards to users who are signing up and choosing a subscription plan for the first time. Using sign-up incentives can also prevent users from canceling their account and chosen package immediately after completing the registration process. 


Currently, it is possible to try Bold Subscriptions with  free 60-day trial. After your 60-day trial is complete, Bold Subscriptions will run you $49.99 per month to maintain access to all of the features and subscription tools it offers. 

Seal Subscriptions


Seal Subscriptions is one of the most popular Shopify subscription apps that can be easily integrated with any type of Shopify store, big or small. Whether you are running a quaint niche online store or if you are expanding and scaling your eCommerce presence at a rapid pace, implementing your very own subscription business model has never been easier than with Seal Subscriptions. 


Seal Subscriptions is one of the most popular and well-known fully integrated Shopify subscription apps available today. With Seal Subscriptions, you can take advantage of the following features while fleshing out your own website's subscription packages and plans: 

  • Create multiple tiers of ticket types and subscription packages to appeal to a wider audience and numerous demographics
  • Integrate a recurring payment option to help generate ongoing secondary income from those who are regular subscribers 
  • Use regular reminders to keep customers in the loop regarding their current subscriptions as well as when their next payment for the service(s) they are using is due
  • Initial discounts can also be promoted to help incentivize users to choose a subscription plan while registering as a user or while checking out. 
  • A 'Subscription' widget is also available to be placed next to your Shopify store's own 'Add to Cart' button, which can help to motivate users to learn more about your subscription services and packages that are available to them.


If you are thinking of using a Shopify subscription app that you can trust and rely on, turn to using Seal Subscriptions. With Seal Subcriptions, users have the option to choose between a free plan as well as a premium plan. Premium pricing plans for Seal Subscriptions begin at $7.99, making Seal Subscriptions an optimal choice for those who are in need of a Shopify subscription app while also on a budget. 

ReCharge Subscriptions


ReCharge is another unique provider of a Shopify subscription app that is useful for all Shopify stores, big or small. With ReCharge, you will gain access to a unique dashboard and platform along with numerous tools that can help to encourage and increase overall customer engagement on your site and Shopify storefront. 


ReCharge is not just a simple Shopify subscription model. Instead, ReCharge offers multiple products and tools that can help users to attract subscribers while incentivizing users to remain actively engaged while browsing and shopping in your Shopify eCommerce store. Some of the features that help ReCharge stand out amongst the competition in the industry today include: 

  • Manage all of the subscription plans and packages you create from one central location. Use a central dashboard to create, edit, and manage all of the subscription packages you intend to offer to your users on your Shopify storefront.
  • Use subscription workflows that are built-in to ReCharge, allowing you to gain more valuable insight into which type of subscription model and package works best with your intended audience.
  • Enjoy mobile-friendly resources and tools, allowing you to maximize your online reach and visibility via smartphones and other devices.
  • Customer engagement tools include in-depth analytics and real-time reports to help you with keeping up with visitors as well as which customers are most likely to purchase subscription plans you are offering and promoting. 
  • Developer support is also provided by ReCharge, which is extremely useful for those who are interested in working on the development of ReCharge or making tweaks to the original application used on your own Shopify store.


If you are thinking of using ReCharge but you are unsure if the product is right for you, you are in luck. With ReCharge, all users are provided with a 60-day free trial offer once you have been contacted by ReCharge itself. Those who are interested in using the ReCharge subscription app, dashboard, and model, can only do so once they have completed the registration onboarding process, which may take a few days to a few weeks to hear back from ReCharge before you can get started.

After you have completed the 60-day free trial offer from ReCharge, you can then continue using the ReCharge platform with plans that begin at $60 per month for the subscription model you are looking for with your own business. 

Recurring Order & Subscription

If you are thinking of adding a subscription-based model to your current website but you are also looking for a way to do so with a simple Shopify subscription app, you may want to consider using Recurring Order & Subscription.

Recurring Order & Subscription offers a range of subscription tools and features that are useful for any type of Shopify store, whether you are selling to a local audience or to an international user base. 


If you are looking for a simplistic and easy way to begin offering subscription packages with recurring orders and invoices, consider using Recurring Order & Subscription. Some of the features that stand out that come with Recurring Order & Subscription include:

  • Multiple subscription types: With Recurring Order & Subscription, you can easily set up and create subscriptions based on different packages, plans, and product types you intend to sell and represent.
  • Flexible payment options: You can provide your customers with flexible payment options as well as automatically generated invoices with the use of Recurring Order & Subscription.
  • Reminder emails: It is also easy to send automatic reminder emails to current users and subscribers of any plans or packages you offer, helping to keep your dedicated users informed of upcoming payments that are almost due.
  • Mixed cart feature: A stand-out feature of the Recurring Order & Subscription app is the ability to use mixed carts, including both subscription-based products or services as well as non-subscription products in one cart. 
  • Customization: Customize the type of subscription packages and plans you are offering based on the users you are targeting and the market you currently represent. 


One of the biggest appeals of the Recurring Order & Subscription app is the free option which is available for beginner users who are new to subscription apps and subscription business models. Using the free version of the Recurring Order & Subscription app is a great way to familiarize yourself with subscription apps as you learn more about which type of subscription apps are best for your online storefront and present. 

For those who enjoy using the Recurring Order & Subscription app, there is also a premium version available. The premium version of the Recurring Order & Subscription app will run you approximately $15.95 per month.

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PayWhirl Recurring Payments 

If you are on the hunt for a Shopify subscription app that will work seamlessly with an existing Shopify template or theme you are using, look no further than PayWhirl Recurring Payments. The PayWhirl Recurring Payments app is clean, smooth, and chic when it comes to integrating subscriptions into just about any Shopify store, regardless of the theme and template you are currently using or have designed. 



When it comes to PayWhirl Recurring Payments, there is no shortage of features that help it to stand out on this list. Some of the features that make PayWhirl Recurring Payments a solid choice when it comes to Shopify subscription apps include: 

  • Integrate themes: Seamlessly integrating your current Shopify theme with the PayWhirl Recurring Payments has never been easier with its ability to customize the placement and design of your subscription packages.
  • Security: PayWhirl Recurring Payments prides itself on the additional security and level of encryption it provides to all users, both free-trial users as well as paid and premium subscribers.
  • Automate recurring billing: If you want an automatic recurring billing solution for your users and ongoing subscribers, PayWhirl Recurring Payments delivers. 
  • Easily manage subscriptions: Easily manage the subscriptions you are currently offering on your storefront as well as the type of packages and pricing tiers you are using with a built-in dashboard.


Currently, PayWhirl Recurring Payments offers all users who are new to using the app with a 14-day free trial to help get started with built-in subscription plans and packages. For those who wish to keep the PayWhirl Recurring Payments with a basic account, you can do so for free with a Starter account, even after your 14-day trial is up.

For others who are interested in premium versions of the PayWhirl Recurring Payments, there are multiple pricing tiers and packages, including the following:

  • Business Pro: Business pro is ideal for those who have subscriptions that bring in up to $5,000 in revenue each month. For this plan, you will be required to pay $49 per month for PayWhirl Recurring Payments.
  • Business Plus: The Business Plus plan from PayWhirl Recurring Payments is suitable for companies earning approximately $8,000 per month in subscription revenue. This plan will cost around $149 per month to maintain. 
  • Business Ultimate: For those who are processing subscription plans up to $10,000 per month, the Business Ultimate plan is available with the PayWhirl Recurring Payments app. This plan begins at $249 per month.
  • Enterprise: If you have a business that begins to process more than $10,000 per month in subscription fees and costs, you can also turn to the PayWhirl Recurring Payments app to learn more about the Enterprise packages and plans that may be right for you. 

Subscription & Recurring Order 

A lesser known subscription app for Shopify that is also completely free to use for all users is Subscription & Recurring Order. The Subscription & Recurring Order app is designed to help streamline the customer's experience when checking out and choosing a subscription plan without a hassle.


Using Subscription & Recurring Order is simple, easy, and best of all, free of charge. Once you get started with Subscription & Recurring Order, you can begin using the following features that come with the Shopify app: 

  • Easily manage subscriptions: Easily manage your site's subscriptions, plans, as well as customer data from one central location with the Subscription & Recurring Order app.
  • Multiple payment options: Allow users to choose from multiple payment options when selecting a subscription plan. This can help improve customer satisfaction while incentivizing them to complete their purchases.  
  • In-depth analytics: If collecting data and analytics on your users is an important element of running your business, you can do so with the Subscription & Recurring Order app. Manage subscription data and analytical insights to learn more about what is working for your business and what can be changed or improved for the better in the future. 
  • Selling multiple subscriptions: Multiple subscription support is available with the Subscription & Recurring Order, allowing your customer the ability to purchase more than one subscription or subscription type simultaneously without a hassle. 


One of the most attractive elements of Subscription & Recurring Order is its price, which is free. All users can download and install the Subscription & Recurring Order app into their Shopify stores without registering for a premium membership or agreeing to a monthly fee.

If you're considering Shopify for a large store, be sure to read this:

AAA Subscription and Membership 

For anyone who is searching for a Shopify subscription app that includes robust features and plenty of customization, the AAA Subscription and Membership app may be the perfect fit for you.


The AAA Subscription and Membership Shopify app is not just another subscription app solution. With the  AAA Subscription and Membership app, you can create numerous subscription types while limiting access to users based on subscription level and member-ship specific discounts.


If you are thinking of using the AAA Subscription and Membership app, compare the features that come with the app, such as: 

  • Create numerous subscription plans and packages to fit the business model you have in mind for your brand's online presence.
  • Provide discounts as well as introductory offers for new members who are signing up for a subscription plan with your company for the first time.
  • Create restricted content that is only accessible to users who have purchased the appropriate subscription plan or membership level, as created by you.
  • Offer free trials for newcomers who have not used your service in the past or who have never subscribed to a plan you already offer.
  • It includes a custom form builder to help with creating unique buttons, popups, and forms that can be easily integrated into your Shopify storefront, as well as with the AAA Subscription and Membership app itself. 
  • Manage membership and subscription requests manually to help with reducing potential spam requests while also maintaining complete control over the members you permit in various areas of your website. This feature is ideal for those who are hosting VIP clubs or for those who have a strict application process for users who are interested in becoming paying subscribers and/or members.
  • Issue automatic invoices and allow for automatic recurring payments to take place to ensure you are always able to collect what is owed to you business on time. 


If you have made the decision to use the  AAA Subscription and Membership app with your own Shopify store and setup, you can do so free of charge with a free plan available from the developers themselves. However, if you are interested in premium features, using the AAA Subscription and Membership app will run you around $19 per month. 


Ultimately, there are many different Shopify subscription apps that work for both small and international storefronts online today. If you are looking for a subscription app that is affordable or free, don't miss the opportunity to try Subscription & Recurring Order. However, if you're seeking a robust, well-known, all-in-one platform to manage your Shopify store's subscriptions, consider giving Seal Subscriptions a try.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite when it comes to Shopify subscription apps? Let us know in the comments below.

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