Swiper Studio: Make Powerful Sliders With A No-Code GUI

By James LePage
 on August 2, 2022

Swiper Studio: Make Powerful Sliders With A No-Code GUI

By James LePage
 on August 2, 2022

Swiper Studio is a brand new GUI that allows you to visually make custom, powerful sliders with the Swiper.JS library. No coding needed.

This article is quickly going to take a look at this "slider builder", reviewing the features and possibilities.

Before we get any further - it's not free (the builder; the library is MIT licensed and 100% free). You can play with the demo here, but to export anything, you'll need to support the project on Patreon.

Swiper.JS is perhaps the most powerful Javascript library for building sliders in 2022. There are tons of options, which allows you to make anything from a basic slideshow to chained carousels (and everything in between).

However, due to this power, it may become difficult to figure out for the everyday website creator. Just take a look at these docs... well written, but massive!


Enter the new Swiper Studio.

To export project, you'll need to become a Patreon supporter which will give you an account on the Studio app.


Support (and in turn, access) starts at $10/mo. This plan also comes with access to UI Initiative, which is also a project by the Swiper team. This site offers premium Swiper templates to get you up and running with complex sliders and unique effects in no time.

Swiper Studio is incredibly well designed, and takes every single feature that the free library offers, packing it into an easy GUI.


Here's the main screen. You can see that the left panel gives you the ability to toggle things on an off, change settings, and more.


All modules are included.


Most options come with helpful tooltips, which offers helpful info about each specific setting.


When exporting, you can share the project with a stakeholder by generating a link. You can also export source code to the clipboard, or download a file. It will generate it for HTML or any of the supported frameworks like Svelte.

Swiper Studio is really well designed. Even for those who custom code, this provides a playground that allows you to make tweaks by visually moving sliders and toggling settings... giving you the ability to easily prototype.

Furthermore, by getting access, you support the Swiper project, which allows their developers to ship features at an even faster pace.

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