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November 2, 2021

Easy Search Autosuggest in WordPress - Tutorial

Creating a searchbar with autosuggest in WordPress is surprisingly easy, quick and free. Here's our tutorial on how to do it. Why should you even take the time to add Auto Search to WordPress? First […]
By James LePage
September 28, 2020

Better Search Solutions For WordPress

If you're involved with a content site for WordPress, either building one or owning one, you probably know that the default WordPress search utility isn't the best. After completing several projects that had over 5,000 […]
By James LePage
July 12, 2020

Search & Replace in Gutenberg

In this article, we wanted to discuss adding search and replace into the Gutenberg editor. For many writers, this is a necessary feature. We’re included in that mix, as we typically miss capitalizations of product […]
By James LePage
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