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May 8, 2020

How To Avoid Multiple Page Redirects On Your WordPress Site

What Is It? Redirects slow down your page load speed. When a browser requests wa resource that has been redirected, the server usually returns an HTTP response like this: The browser must then make another […]
By James LePage
May 6, 2020

How To Fix "Avoid Chaining Critical Requests" On Your WordPress Site

What Is It? Critical request chains are a series of dependent network requests important for page rendering. The more prominent the length of the chains and the bigger the download sizes, the more critical the […]
By James LePage
May 3, 2020

How To Change The WordPress Posts Permalink To /blog/

Changing the permalink to display /blog/ before the post specific information is a difficult task if you have custom post types in your site, as the "standard" way of doing things applies to all post […]
By James LePage
April 5, 2020

How We Speed Up Our Websites With WEBP Image Delivery

This article outlines how to incorporate WebP images into your website and take advantage of the speed, SEO and size benefits this image type offers. If you're a website owner looking to speed up your […]
By James LePage
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