Text To HTML Entity Converter

This tool will convert text into the corresponding HTML entities. This is helpful for adding the text of code to websites, without the browser actually rendering it. See below for some examples.

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    How To Use This Tool

    This tool is pretty easy to use. Paste your text into the input field, and click submit. It'll spit out the encoded html, which a browser will render normally.

    You can also paste in encoded text (the second text field) and click submit to change it back to text.

    What's up with the placeholder?

    These are all the values that will be converted from standard to their HTML counterparts. We leave letters alone as they won't impact the usage of this in website and apps.

    Why Convert Text To HTML Entities (or HTML entities to text)?

    As a web design agency, converting text into HTML entities is a great way to display code without it rendering. Here's a neat example. We use custom html elements to show our code on the website frontend for tutorials.

    See the left.

    On the right, we're displaying the code that goes into rendering that element. If we just wrote it in text, it would render another box on the right. Instead, we used the encoded HTML entities so the underlying text would display instead.

    <style> body {   background:orange; } </style>
    <spx-code type="html"> <style> body {   background:orange; } </style> </spx-code>
    Easily encode and decode a piece of text to its HTML equivalent with this tool!

    If we were to have < in plaintext, this has siginificance withn a HTML document or webpage. The browser will attempt to render anything behind it, witing for a close tag />. So instead, we can convert it to it's HTML entities, which are &lt; and /&gt; to avoid this issue.

    Credit Where Credit Is Due

    This is an adapted fork of this JSFiddle Notebook. We changed a few things and made it easier to use.

    From that JSFiddle, "The small class HtmlEntities uses a large list of the most common HTML entities and their characters to encode and decode text containing these entities and characters".

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