The 12 Best IFTTT Alternatives in 2024

By James LePage
 on June 14, 2022

The 12 Best IFTTT Alternatives in 2024

By James LePage
 on June 14, 2022

Managing various facets of any business day in and day out can quickly become overwhelming without the proper tools and resources in place. One solution to help manage and automate numerous apps and devices simultaneously is IFTTT, also known as If This, Then That. Essentially, IFTTT was developed to help automate tasks based on a variety of set triggers that are relevant to one's own business and workspace.


For those who are not finding IFTTT to measure up to their standards or for those who are searching for more with the automated solutions they use for their own online presence, there are IFTTT alternatives available.

The Leading IFTTT Alternatives in 2024

We know how significant an automation and management solution is when it comes to running a business today, especially if you are also managing and maintaining an online presence. We have taken the time to thoroughly research and review the top IFTTT alternatives in 2024 for you to have more power and control when it comes to selecting an automation solution that is right for you and your business model. 

  • Zapier
  • Make
  • Hubspot Operations Hub
  • Workato
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Scriptable
  • Actiondesk
  • OutFunnel
  • LeadsBridge
  • Zoho Flow

1. Zapier

If you're looking for a popular and well-known IFTTT alternative, Zapier is one solution that cannot be passed up. Zapier is a leading IFTTT alternative that provides the ability to quickly combine devices and apps with various triggers to suit your business model or preferred campaign strategy.


Users of Zapier can take advantage of 'zaps', which are virtual connections and/or triggers used on various tools, devices, and with different services from Zapier itself. Getting started with Zapier is easy to do so free of charge. However, there are limitations to the number of apps you can work with and the devices you can connect when doing so with a free Zapier account. While there is a free account with Zapier available, there is also a paid subscription option for $20 a month for those interested in adding triggers and steps (unlimited) to up to 750 available apps.

Features of Zapier

  • Expansive online community
  • Well-known, trusted, and reliable
  • Easy workflow support
  • More than 750 applications to integrate
  • Range of automation tools
  • Powerful integration solutions for any type of business or brand 
  • User-friendly development and dashboard design  

2. Make

Make is another well-known IFTTT alternative that offers both free and premium plans. Using Make is simple and straightforward, as it includes a drag-and-drop user interface that can help with making connections as well as creating custom integrations of your own on-demand. A visual editor is also included with Make, which is optimal for those who are not developers or coders themselves.


A free version of Make is available for up to 1000 operations per month and 1000 MB of data transfer. There are also plans for Make that begin at $9 per month for up to 10,000 operations and 1 GB of data transfer. 


  • More than 3,000 free templates to choose from
  • Easily connect Make with current Google apps
  • Advanced customization options make this ideal for developers as well as regular users. 

3. HubSpot Operations Hub

If you're familiar with the internet, you have likely heard of HubSpot by now. HubSpot is not only a hub for users who wish to share content or discover something new, but also for those who are interested in an IFTTT service. With HubSpot Operations Hub, which was formerly known as PieSync, it is possible to manage automation tools, data syncing, and even quality control of data from one central location.


Unfortunately, HubSpot Operations Hub does not currently offer its IFTTT services free of charge. A basic plan with HubSpot Operations Hub will run approximately $45 per month for its Starter plan, which provides up to 1000 marketing contacts. HubSpot Operations Hub was designed with marketers in mind over traditional business owners and/or developers themselves.


  • Data sync features included
  • Extensive app marketplace to help connect to other tools and resources available
  • Included HubSpot Academy for guided tutorials and visual walkthroughs 


For those who are developers or seeking web-based API connection solutions for automation, is one of the newer and more modern solutions available. Using is a way to quickly connect your email address to your marketing engagement platform or your Amazon store to your preferred CRM tool, depending on what you are using for your own business. is ideal for developers who are familiar with a wide range of programming languages, tools, and resources.


Unfortunately, there is not a free version of and the premium version of the service starts at $220 per month, making it one of the more expensive options on this list.


  • Ideal for developers and programmers
  • Wide range of connectors is available
  • Email integrations are available
  • Flexible interface
  • Option to integrate your own connectors

5. Workato

If you are searching for an intuitive and user-friendly IFTTT alternative that is also ideal for business owners of any kind, Workato is one IFTTT platform not to miss. Workato's online community is expansive, welcoming, and extremely helpful, along with the various tools and resources that are included with the base of Workato itself. With Workato, get to work immediately using an intuitive interface and dashboard that allows you to quickly create workflows that align with your business goals and model. 


There is a free plan available from Workato that is designed for individuals who are interested in automating their own personal tasks. You can also use various premium plans for businesses of any size with Workato.


  • Scalable with a variety of tools and resources
  • Easy interface to quickly build workflows
  • Library of conditional triggers available 
  • Extensive security  

6. Microsoft Flow

If you are already working in an environment where Microsoft apps and automation solutions are prevalent, you might want to consider using Microsoft Flow for the rest of your automation tasks. Microsoft Flow is one of the most well-known IFTTT alternatives available as it is possible to link various services together and create workflows on the go as needed without a hassle. It is possible to use Microsoft Flow whether you are managing a business or if you have experience with programming and coding yourself.


Fortunately, Microsoft Flow does offer a free plan to all users which allows up to 750 integrations per month, making it one of the best free IFTTT solutions and plans available today.

  • Up to 750 automation tasks per month on a free plan from Microsoft Flow 
  • Ideal for Microsoft tool integration
  • Unlimited workflow creation options
  • Compatible with a variety of smartphone apps
  • User-friendly dashboard and working interface 

7. Scriptable

If you're in the market for IFTTT alternatives for your smartphone, you may find it tedious to locate a solution that is optimal for you, especially if you are working with iOS. The good news is, similar to IFTTT alternatives for Android phones and devices, Scriptable is available for those who prefer to work with iOS smartphones and devices. With Scriptable, JavaScript is the core language used, which is why it is compatible with iOS smartphones and devices. You can use Scriptable to trigger Siri to help with reading emails, setting alarms, or completing a wide range of tasks from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.



  • Compatible with iOS compared to most IFTTT alternatives
  • Uses JavaScript as its core language
  • Great for mobile users and people on the go
  • Ideal for anyone who is familiar with JavaScript or developing in JavaScript themselves 

8. Actiondesk

Anyone who is working with partners or a team in business understands the need for collaborative tools. Enter, Actiondesk. Actiondesk is a collaborative automation IFTTT alternative that is optimal for those working in teams and groups. While Actiondesk is not the most extensive IFTTT alternative or the most feature-laden IFTTT alternative, it helps to get the job done and does so well, especially in group settings.



  • Frequent and automatic updates to ensure peak performance
  • Ideal for combining marketing and sales 
  • Import information from various locations and environments
  • Easy-to-use interface for both business owners and developers alike
  • Save time using automated searches and directories built-in with Actiondesk

9. OutFunnel

Marketing is a major part of any business, regardless of the market or industry you are in. With OutFunnel, create automated tasks that help you to develop and test your sales funnels and marketing campaigns. If you are seeking an IFTTT alternative that is optimal for marketing and sales, look no further than OutFunnel.


With OutFunnel, you can also take advantage of a free trial to determine whether or not the platform is right for your marketing needs. Starter plans with OutFunnel start at $19 per month for up to 1,000 events, visitors, and emails per month.


  • Easy to setup
  • Powerful CRM integrations with Mailchimp, HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive, Airtable, Copper, ActiveCampaign, and more.
  • Work with several CRMs at once with OutFunnel

10. LeadsBridge

Another IFTTT alternative solution that is optimal for those working in sales and marketing is LeadsBridge. LeadsBridge helps to automate data collection of online and offline tracking as well as audience tracking based on target users and segmented audiences you choose. Using LeadsBridge is a powerful automation solution for marketers who are looking to sync CRM, contact lists, social media platforms, and emails. 


Unfortunately, there is not currently a free version of LeadsBridge available. However, the starter or Marketer plan from LeadsBridge will run you around $31 per month for up to 1,500 leads a month and 6 bridges. LeadsBridge is a unique IFTTT alternative that should be taken seriously by those who are interested in launching marketing campaigns that can be tracked and monitored in real-time. 


  • More than 300+ marketing integrations available
  • Ideal for marketing and audience-tracking campaigns
  • Customer data safety is a top priority
  • Ability to sync CRM segments  

11. Zoho Flow

Zoho Flow is an Indian-based company that offers seamless integration with Google and Microsoft products. Improving existing workflows with preferred Microsoft and Google apps can be tedious and overwhelming, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the task and what it entails. With Zoho Flow, streamline the process of automating tasks while also becoming more familiar with the platform itself.


Zoho Flow currently offers a 15-day free trial for those interested in learning more. Additionally, plans with Zoho Flow start at $10 per month for a Standard account, making it one of the most affordable IFTTT alternatives available for both personal and commercial use.


  • Affordable for both individuals and business owners alike
  • Integrations with Zoho CRM as well as QuickBooks are available.
  • Extensive features such as webhook variables and integrations are also available
  • Easy to use, even for non-developers and programmers 


For enterprise customers, offers more than 450 app connectors to help you get started. Using is ideal for enterprise customers who are looking to create connectors with customer support, marketing, and sales all from one central location. Unfortunately, is not designed with the individual in mind due to the pricing available. However, there is a free trial available for those who are not sure if is the right choice for them.


Currently, pricing begins at $695 per month for the standard plan offered, which is also very telling as to what type of customers is targeting. For enterprise customers who care about security and scalability, may be the best option.


  • Scalability options
  • Integration with more than 450 app connectors
  • Ideal for enterprise customers
  • Universe API connectors
  • Custom API connectors 

Using an automation app, platform, or service is highly recommended whenever you are managing a business with online and interconnected elements. The right automation software or solution can significantly reduce the amount of manual labor and work required to help streamline your workspace and workforce. With the right leading IFTTT alternative, maximize your workplace productivity while spending more time focusing on what is most important for the growth and future of your business. 

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