The Best AI Code Generators For Developers in 2024

By James LePage
 on November 18, 2022

The Best AI Code Generators For Developers in 2024

By James LePage
 on November 18, 2022

Generative AI is all the rage. In this article, we'll be taking a look at the best AI code generators/helpers in 2024, which can seriously improve your efficiency, accuracy, and workflow as a developer.


A Tweet titled the Generative AI Application Landscape, created by Sequoia capital, lists many of the major AI players as of November 2022. In the code section, there's an nice list of products, but it's missing some serious solutions for developers.

This article will cover the best generative AI for code, looking at the features, pricing and companies behind the products.


CodeWP Cover Image

CodeWP is an AI WordPress code generator, built by Isotropic (that's us). This platform is trained and optimized specifically for WordPress website creators, and has support for JS and PHP, as well as modes specific to popular plugins like WooCommerce and major page builders.

CodeWP targets both developers and "non technical" WordPress creators, making it easy to build complex queries, generate shortcodes, and complete tasks that would otherwise take dozens of minutes to hours to accurately complete.

Isotropic readers get an extended free trial by using the coupon code ISOTROPIC during signup.


AskCodi is a robust suite of tools, leveraging AI to help developers and coders build quicker. It comes with several different presets from generating code in multiple languages to creating documentation based off existing code.

You can also build SQL queries from scratch, and generate multiple tests in seconds.


These different feature sets are intended to help all kinds of developers, iterate and ship faster leveraging AI to help make a more efficient workflow. It covers all different aspects of the development process from actually writing the code all the way to documentation generation!


Codiga is a static code analysis, tool that integrates into multiple platforms, IDE's, and more. Essentially, it's a way for you to make sure that your code is as secure, clean, and efficient as possible. You can auto fix code in real time, and it's a primarily security focused product. The platform supports most popular languages, including ruby, Java, typescript, JavaScript, YML, and more.

While this won't help you generate code itself, it will help you analyze code that you or your team have already written. Therefore, it makes it much quicker and more efficient when it comes to shipping a production product.


Tabnine is a whole-line full-function code completion AI tool for developers.

It's used by some pretty big companies, including Intel, Sony, HotJar, SpaceX, and more. It integrates directly into your ID like visual code studio, and will automatically offer code, completions, generating everything from single lines to entire functions for most popular languages. It also analyzes your existing code, so the completions that it generates are cohesive and consistent.

Github Copilot

Github Copilot is probably the most well-known AI coding assistant available today. It's a completely commercialized product that many developers around the world use, and it offers many similar features to the products that we've already discussed in this round up of the best AI code generation tools for developers in 2024.


This comes in at $10 per user per year, and is trained on over a billion lines of code, changing prompts written directly into an IDE or code, editor as comments, into code itself. The generations are surprisingly robust, and long, and most of the times the right! Our agency uses this heavily.

It also analyzes the other code in your projects, making the suggestions, hyper specific towards the application that you are building.


Ponicode is a testing tool that offers suggestions on how to make your code, more efficient, and secure. It leverages artificial intelligence to do this work for you, leading to suggestions that you may not have ever uncover yourself.



Alphacode is a robust ML model created by DeepMind and Google. It's similar to open the OpenAI Codex, which we discuss in the next section. However, it's completely open source and you can access all of the source code.


OpenAI Codex

It's worth noting OpenAI Codex, which is used as the foundation for many of these products, including GitHub Copilot. At its core this is an AI trained specifically to output code in languages, like PHP, JavaScript, C+, python, and many others. The open AI Codex also has a playground, where you can manipulate settings, input problems, and get outputs. However, it's not primarily created to use in a day to day applications, but instead, it's made for you to test the best settings, and then implement the AI into your own application.

It's currently in a private beta, which means that you need to join a waitlist and get access to it. Eventually, it will be made public, and everybody will be able to use it for a usage fee.


Developers and software engineers aren't going anywhere anytime soon. However, AI is creeping into the industry, offering a more efficient and reliable way to generate and test code. We hope that this list of AI products oriented specifically towards developers was helpful, and if you have any additional solutions that you use personally, feel free to leave them in the comments, section below.

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