The Best Architect Website Design Of 2020

Published: March 22, 2020

If you're looking for architecture website inspiration, we've created this list of the best architecture websites of 2020. Each one is pretty unique, but the similarities are that they follow their design ideologies throughout all aspects of the website, are responsive, engaging, and utilize scrolling animations or home page videos to increase visitor retention.

The end product of these websites are an inviting digital presence that inspires visitors to take more action, whether it be reach out for more information on starting a project or browsing through robust portfolios.

If you're looking to upgrade your architecture website, increase lead generation, or make your firm look more modern and professional in 2020, feel free to reach out. We're a digital design studio that focuses and specializes on making high quality, custom websites for architects.


Red Company

Site Link

As a well respected architecture firm, you need to display your portfolio as well as noteworthy news events. This website does it well, because it displays the full color photographs of prior projects in an interesting way; full screen with clever animations. For more information you pull the right tab of the website out, Hiding content until the visitor deems it necessary. In today's design environment having a preloader is essential, and the RED website includes a well designed yet settled one. Not only is this website pretty on the desktop, but on the mobile environment it responsively adapts into a quick and a aesthetically pleasing experience.

We like the well integrated preloader, clever animations, and unorthodox content display.

Loer Architecten

Site Link

This website has a consistent design style throughout, and displays content in a really simple yet effective way. To begin, the pre loader establishes the brand guidelines, such as the typography, logo and colors within the first seconds of visiting the website. Upon entry into the website you are greeted with a simple video displaying what the firm can do for the visitor. On scrolling, with some subtle effects, you are presented with their portfolio of the top three projects they have completed. if you click on the portfolio you're greeted with a well thought out interface , that like the rest of the website, is simple and effective.

We like the typography, colors, preloader, and simple yet effective UI.

Belmark Nightingale

Site Link

Compared to some other sites on this list this website is much more basic, corporate, and less showy. However, for a corporate website, it establishes credibility and professionalism. if those were the design goals when building this website, it exceeds them. In terms of complexity, this website is fairly simple utilizing anchor links and popups , which keeps the loading time down and website size minimal.

Fivecat Studio

Site Link

The Fivecat Studio website, designed by us, effectively shows their robust portfolio of high-end residential homes in Westchester ,NY quickly and effectively. The website uses pop up portfolio items which keeps loading time down to a minimum, and uses a unique development back end to serve images to visitors in a efficient manner.

Ortiz Leon

Site Link

The Ortiz Leon​ site Is unique and extremely well designed. It follows a block theme throughout the entire website, and the homepage is a block slider. The website needs to display a large amount of content in a really simple manner, and it fulfills this purpose very well.

Rob Mills

Site Link

This company has a massive portfolio to display and tackles that issue by funneling visitors through a series of filters which offers them the most relevant portfolio entries. The actual portfolio pages are simple pictures which effectively display what the firm can do for the visitor. The website also has great popups comma and follows their design ideology in all aspects of this site.  

Dot To Dot

Site Link

Dot to Dot offers a stunning slider experience upon loading the website where visitors have effective means of navigating to and accessing the parts of the website that they need most. We really like the unique pointer interface and scrolling navigation. Like most websites on this list, this site follows its design theme perfectly throughout all aspects.

Mareines Arquitetura

Site Link

A really simple website that makes effective use of SVG graphics, scrolling animations and is a good portrayal of what a architecture website for a smaller firm should look like.


Site Link

The Laney website takes the traditional portfolio architecture website in a different direction, and presents its content in more of a startup-like theme. we feel that its target audience is probably younger clients who are familiar with these type of websites comma and feel that the uniqueness of this firms website helps them connect with their target audience easier.


Site Link

This firm is a very large architecture firm that also has consulting and additional services. This website is a great example of a website for a very large firm that is public, has investors, and is targeting clients that are other corporations and developers. The website displays its content well comma and maintains his professionalism throughout all aspects. There multiple sections that we like such as the investor portal.

Kume Sekkei

Site Link

This website is similar to the other midsized architecture websites that we spoke about on this list, but it incorporates a great video home page. We like video home pages because they are really engaging to the visitor, and reduced bounce rates. With this website you seek to explore more mainly because of the well made video on the home page.

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