The Best Directory Plugin For Elementor

By James LePage
 on December 6, 2020
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

The Best Directory Plugin For Elementor

By James LePage
 on December 6, 2020
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

In this article, we are going to be discussing the best directory Plugin for Elementor. If you’re trying to display geographic information, a directory Plugin is a great idea. This could include listings of store locations, a directory of businesses within an industry, a Chamber of Commerce, or anything else that requires geographical list and capabilities.

Additional features that should come with any directory solution for Elementor include the ability to monetize by selling paid listings, have frontend submissions, and an easy way to manage everything in the backend.

With Elementor, you are also using one of the best visual page builders out there, meaning that it is always a plus if you can use the Elementor page builder to create the individual listing layouts, archives, and other templates for the directory. 

Main Features Every Directory Plugin Needs

Before we look at the best business directory Plugin for Elementor, let’s understand the main features that every listing website should have.

From the start, it’s incredibly important to get the location utilities down. This includes map listings, searching by address, and advanced location recognition. For most directory websites, the defining factor is the fact that each location is listed by address, and can easily be found by visitors geographically close to them.

Most of the time, this type of functionality is done through an API like Google maps and address auto complete. We’re looking for a directory plug-in for Elementor, we’ll need the ability to integrate services like these.

We are also going to want a way to monetize this directory. This is not mandatory for every instance, as you could be a business with multiple locations utilizing a directory plug-in to display them to your customers, but in other cases, monetization is a great idea. You could have local businesses pay for a higher placement on your directory, or pay to claim/submit listings. 

Those are the two main features that every directory should have one being installed on Elementor, but you can also look for things like a comparison engine, analytics, multilingual capabilities and more. 

As stated above, we need this directory plugin to integrate directly with the Elementor Page Builder, utilizing the drag and drop capabilities that come with the tool. 

Elementor Pro + GeoDirectory

The best directory plugin for Elementor is GeoDirectory. Not only does it come with all of the features discussed above, it includes even more, and deeply integrates with the Elementor pro builder, giving you access to dozens of directory specific widgets.

The best part about it is that the core Plugin is 100% free, and works if you were trying to display listings in one single location (like a city). This is great for small businesses with multiple locations in the same geographical area.

There are 40+ which is that you can make use of, including Show Maps, Categories, Listings, Recently Viewed, Business Hours, Reviews, Add Listings, Search Forms. There’s also a frontend submission feature, which is really helpful. 

If you need something more, the professional Addons add multi location support, additional maps styling, monetization capabilities, and more. If you’re setting up a business directory, GeoDirectory works with NinjaForms to collect messages and port them to the email address of the respective business.

Deep Integration With Elementor

We’ve used WP GeoDirectory on multiple Elementor projects. The plug-in is really well done, from the front end design to the back end capabilities. It’s also really simple to understand, and because you can build templates with Elementor, anybody can do it. 

There are dynamic visibility conditions, as well as data population (which we’re already familiar with from using Elementor). Even better, it ships its starter templates, which you can use to get up and running super quickly. 


If you are in the market for a business/listing directory Plugin for Elementor, GeoDirectory is your best choice. Other options on the market do not include the features and functionality that this one does, nor do they integrate with Elementor natively. If you have any questions about directories and Elementor, feel free to reach out via our comments section!

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