The Best Perfex CRM Custom Themes

By James LePage
 on December 1, 2020
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

The Best Perfex CRM Custom Themes

By James LePage
 on December 1, 2020
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

Did you know that you can change the look of your Perfex CRM installation by purchasing and installing a custom theme? This could be incredibly helpful if you want a sleek look for your management system, or want to completely white label the platform. In this article, we're going to take a look at a couple Perfex CRM custom themes that allow you to do just that.

PS: If you're looking for modules that extend the functionality of your platform, read this list that we just published.

How Perfex Themes Work

Perfex custom themes are purchased as modules, and installed in the Perfex CRM Platform. many of these are simply CSS frameworks that are made to work with the core installation, overriding the standard stylesheet and putting in place their own styles. Each theme follows its own design guidelines, and gives the platform a unique look.

The Best Perfex Custom Themes?

There are a ton of custom theme offerings out there, and here's a list of the best that we've found.

Perfex CRM Dark Theme

Many visitors enjoy a dark UI because it's easier on the eyes, and looks a bit more modern. This theme enables the dark on Perfex CRM. It looks really sleek and modern.

It's also one of the most popular theme offerings out there, and has a five star rating. Many users enjoy the complete integration with the platform, and haven't found any issues with it.

Perfex CRM - Flat admin theme

Of all of the custom theme offerings out there, this one's our favorite because of the unique look that it gives the CRM. If you're familiar with the material design framework by Google, this looks very similar to that, and may even make the platform more usable for customers that are familiar with Android and other Google offerings.

Perfex CRM - Flat admin theme - 2

This custom theme also has a five star rating, and a couple hundred people enjoy using it on their own CRM.

Perfex CRM Office Theme

This theme is the most popular of all offerings sold on CodeCanyon, due to its deep integration and great reviews.

Unlike some of the other custom themes, it doesn't change the platform like crazy, so if your customers are oriented with the standard default theme, and you implement this one, there shouldn't be much of an issue in regards to usability. However, it brings with it a more modern look, and you can even override the default colors.

Ultimate [Color] Theme - Perfex CRM

On the topic of colors, this collection of three themes implements the respective colors throughout the Perfex CRM.

Ultimate Orange Theme for Perfex CRM

When compared to other custom themes, these are much more simple, hence the lower price, but if you're looking to just spruce up the platform with a burst of the respective color to the theme, these are a great option for you. They come in the green color, orange color, or purple color.

Ultimate Dark Theme - Perfex CRM

The final custom theme on this list, the Ultimate Dark Theme, is a competitor to the first entry on this list. This too helps you implement a dark theme on your website, but does it a bit differently than the first entry, so if you're looking for a dark theme but you don't like the more popular one, there's some variation.


If you're looking to spruce up your Perfex CRM platform, making it a bit more unique to your clients, these custom themes are the way to do it. They are installed as basic modules, which is a relatively simple process, and change virtually every aspect of the platform.

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