The Best Sources of Tech Talent for Digital Agencies

By Guest Author
 on November 17, 2020
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

The Best Sources of Tech Talent for Digital Agencies

By Guest Author
 on November 17, 2020
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

Hiring the best talent is always an important aspect of running a business. With this in mind, digital agencies are some of the newest forms of work that are emerging in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Digital agencies are important because they have adapted successfully to the new world of marketing in light of the recent chaos in the world.

Specifically, all fields of work are beginning to change due to the disruption caused by this virus, and some trends, such as remote work, could be here to stay. Therefore, attracting talented individuals should be the goal of all digital agencies right now. Those skilled with technology can help elevate your company to new heights and drive more business in your favor. However, where can this talent be found?

Partner With a Trade School

Trade schools are fantastic sources of education that are often overlooked by employers in favor of more traditional routes such as university or college. However, trade school graduates often boast tech skills that even the best colleges can’t give to students. The reason for this is the broadness of collegiate education, whereas trade schools offer specific courses meant to prepare students for specific careers.

For a comprehensive list of trade schools in your area, visit Career Karma to see if there are any that catch your eye. An added benefit of hiring employees from trade schools is that they often do not require as much training as a typical university graduate might due to the in-depth education received. 

Consider looking into trade schools in your area to find the best talent. Many schools offer a range of courses for students in different career paths, which means whatever position you’re looking to hire for will likely be covered at a trade school.

Find a Tech Bootcamp Near You

Tech bootcamps are a unique and powerful form of education that is also overlooked far too often. Unlike colleges or even trade schools, tech bootcamps can be completed in a matter of months and the typical attendees usually have some experience in the field they are hoping to enter. This ensures minimal training for whoever you may hire. 

As a whole, tech bootcamps can provide students with unique skills that are helpful for the future of work. For example, web design is a field that is becoming more important with each passing day, and some web design agencies, like ourselves here at Isotropic, are being hired by an increasing number of companies to create unique websites for their online businesses.

Did you know that 83 percent of bootcamps graduates have reported using skills acquired during their education at new jobs? Bootcamps are useful and accurate sources of education for employees and sourcing from these tech bootcamps can set you apart from any competition. For tech bootcamps near you, such as web design, check out Bootcamp Rankings for a thorough list.

Identify the Right Majors

Overall, there’s nothing wrong with recruiting students from college or university. There’s a reason these sources have been trusted for so long. Sometimes, however, recruiting from these locations can lead to large training expenses and inexperienced new graduates. With this in mind, identifying the right major for who you’re hiring is the best strategy. 

For perspective, some computer science students have skills rivaling the best coding bootcamp graduates, but you need to find those students early on in their academic career, as they will be highly coveted. Attend career fairs and post jobs straight to their university or college’s department to attract attention to your company.


Hiring talented employees in the 21st century can seem difficult when companies are all vying after the same exact employees. With this in mind, find the key ways to differentiate yourself and your company from the competition. Don’t pass up unique sources for identifying talented tech workers in favor of a traditional path. Setting your company apart in the digital age as an agency is an important aspect of surviving in the future of work, so do not neglect the need to find talented individuals to bring aboard your company. 

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