Thrive Architect Review (2024) - is it worth it?

By James LePage
 on April 11, 2022

Thrive Architect Review (2024) - is it worth it?

By James LePage
 on April 11, 2022

Thrive Architect is an interactive website builder plugin for WordPress. In this article, we're going to review it - looking at features, pricing and ease of use.

It is meant to be used for the creation of high-quality conversions. So business sites and digital agencies tend to be a fan of using this plugin. It is the easiest Visual Editor for WordPress.

You can use Thrive Architect to create complex WordPress pages without knowing any CMS development code at all.

What The New Plugin Does

Thrive architect is the re-launch of the original Thrive Content Building plugin. So it now has a new user interface.


These two still have a number of similarities on the basis of available components and landing page templates.

In general, this plugin features speedy and smart templates.

Key Features

Thrive understands that websites need more than just endless walls of text. Users should include various media, styling, lists, etc. You don't need developer skills to include these elements when you use Thrive architect.

The Thrive Architect toolbox also makes it easy to beautifully format your content for increased engagement.


Use drag and drop, tables, countdown elements, Calls to Action , lists, widgets, custom menus, and more.

Page speed

Page speed is incredibly important in the process of optimization. Thrive provides you with many pre-designed components and templates for your conversion based site.

In terms of work flow, inline editing allows you to make quick and efficient beautiful pages. Page speed allows Thrive to truly stand out from many other web page builder plugins.

Thrive Themes offers a wide range of plugins for letting you take things further such as: Thrive Leads, Thrive Comments and ThriveQuiz.

Thrive Quiz

It is helpful for many different areas on your website, so Thrive Themes has a decent deal for them if you get a subscription for $19/month. However, this Builder does offer some additional functionality as well.

Layouts and Page Structure in Thrive Architect

It's difficult creating pages for page builders. Thrive Architect helps you design a new page structure and work on your existing page structure. Generally, the content is not required when you begin building and you could easily add elements to the page later if you prefer.

For a straightforward table layout, you can add a column element.


Simply drag and drop a piece of information to create a column layout on your site. Thrive Architect makes complex layouts simple by incorporating drag and drop.

Thrive Architect can be used to build and customize pages in WordPress. Thrive Architect lets you start with blank pages or import a template into your site.

Use its content editing tools to create pages by changing their look, and adding additional customization.

The Thrive Architect team is focused primarily on conversions. So the page builder is designed to help you generate leads on your website.

Landing Page Templates

There are over 30 page templates in the Thrive Architecture Library which allows for an extensive range of customizations.


There are regular design options including template pages for your homepage, contacts, or portfolio pages. There'll be some coming shortly and even some construction templates available.

Interface and navigation

It's a beautiful interface, but sometimes the space becomes too crowded. This is where your Lead Generation page build and content is located.

You may edit the individual items by clicking The nice aesthetic of a website is another bonus, so let's dive in to the useability aspect of Thrive's website.

It is easy to simply move an object to a new position and add the element to a certain page. Note that when you add a new element to a webpage you automatically change your properties. The Thrive Architect user interface design makes it easy to pick and start using the page builder right away.


Mobile responsive sites are crucial today for many companies. All WordPress plugins should be compatible with mobile sites.

Mobile responsiveness has a significant role in this analysis. Thrive Architect gives you the ability to view your site in the same way as your desktop or mobile screen looks.

Thrive Architect offers elements and pages templates which are responsive to mobile devices. When you are building your page, you can change the configuration of each page element depending on the device it will be on.

In other words, if you want a piece of text, image, or video to appear on the website but not on mobile, no problem. Simply disable or hide the element. On the flip side, you can also make certain content only visible to mobile users.

How To Purchase Thrive Architect

Thrive Themes does not sell individual products anymore. Instead you can get the Thrive Suite package.

A huge advantage is that you have access to Thrive architects' huge number of conversion-focused tools, like Thrive Optimizer, Thrive Lead Builder, Thrive quiz Builder, Thrive Theme Builder and many others.


A 1-year license for the software is $228, which is equivalent to $9 per month. Alternately, you can pay quarterly, but the cost varies between $30 and $360 yearly, making them the most expensive option.


When it comes to building landing pages, you will sometimes face issues. This section has a bit of a glitch for some people,

Thrive is available for dealing with customer problems. Instead of a ticketing system, you can contact them by email or on the forums. Thrive's staff members are very helpful when you ask a question.


1.What is thrive Architect used for?

Thrive Architect is a WordPress web development platform whose main focus is conversion. The founders know the Thrive Architecture is built in a very tight time frame with a focus on using as quickly possible.

2.Is Thrive Architect a plugin?

In order to create pages with ease it is necessary to install a WYSIWYG editor.

Thrive Architect is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build a visually appealing, conversion-friendly website. It is an easy-to-use Visual Editor for WordPress.

Thrive Architect Review Conclusion

The Thrive Architect plugin is an awesome and simple way to develop your own WordPress website. Thrive Architecture provides the best solution for the most effective website marketing campaigns and sales pages.

When we tested the plugins in our Thrive Architect review, it was clear to me that the site builder was among the top options in this category. Thrive Architects’ focus on conversion is another area that stands out from its competitors in this respect.

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