The Best TikTok Plugins for WordPress in 2024

By James LePage
 on August 8, 2022

The Best TikTok Plugins for WordPress in 2024

By James LePage
 on August 8, 2022

The existence of social media has presented a unique opportunity to have a group of potential consumers whose trust has already been gained. Capitalizing on this often means creating a website of your own. For this, most often, WordPress is the easiest choice for easy, convenient site building, which can be made even easier when you add something like Elementor or Oxygen Builder into the equation.

Yet, even if you are taking advantage of the optimized help of sites like these, there are still often questions about which plugins you want to apply to your WordPress website. This is especially critical when you are on a social media platform like TikTok, where content is made up of videos. 

In 2024, creators need ways to integrate TikTok with WordPress

So, then the real question about how to connect your TikTok to your WordPress site in a meaningful way that will drive traffic and hopefully convert monetarily is the need that arises. There are a few plugins that are the best for TikTok, providing adequate solutions to fix some of these issues that may arise.


You may need to embed your TikTok feed into your WordPress site so that visitors know who is endorsing whatever the product may be. You might also find the need to use something to create links and showcase certain content on your site, or include new feeds to keep up with followers and gain new ones.

These plugins are helpful as they will drive your WordPress site's traffic and help you continue growing your brand. This is especially important for those whose brand is themselves on social media. What better way to gain followers than to let them in on more of what makes you who you are, while also providing products you endorse or links to affiliate sites that you partner with in order to monetize your brand?

Ease of use as well as what they provide to you is a key to choosing the right plugins. The following are some of the best plugins we know to help you achieve this goal. They are simple and work well with WordPress building services as well, to make everything simple for those who are just starting out. 

Quadlayers TikTok Feed

This may be considered the most user-friendly plugin for TikTok users. It will allow a user of the plugin to embed or place it somewhere on their WordPress site, the trendiest of social media sites, TikTok.


This plugin makes integration easy, saves time as well as keeps the sites updated and on track with the best indicators for growing. So, you can embed the feed directly and this plugin will allow you to do so in a way that will eliminate any headaches that come along with this sometimes tedious or time-consuming task. 

Some things that make this plugin worth using include:

  • Plugin linking to TikTok to ensure that the data syncs and updates with the social media site
  • Optimized API use allows you to cache data, minimize requests, and reduce the app loading time
  • Customizable options include a pop-up box, display layout, and layout alternatives.
  • Recovers links and comments data from TikTok
  • Ability to showcase your content however you want

This plugin for WordPress is great because it is also free. All that you see here and more is available to you without overhead costs.  There is an option to donate to the developers, which is a nice touch, but not mandatory by any means. The sheer number of downloads and frequency of updates might make you compelled to donate though, plus they have support whenever you might need it. Just submit a ticket. 

Overall, this is one of the easiest plugins to use on a WordPress site. It is also one of the most straightforward. It will allow you a simple way to get your content on a website, to optimize it in order to see data metrics that are important to you, and give you the ability to customize the video layout, theme, and more to your specifications. All this allows you to drive more traffic through your WordPress site. Quadlayers TikTok feed Plugin is helpful in so many different ways.

Elfsight TikTok Feed for WordPress

Elfsight is another tool and it is used to embed a TikTok feed into a WordPress website as well. Elfsight also makes the statement that they "promote emotions and experiences, not just items." This seems like they are trying to promote products that are more intangible and less physical in nature.

Elfsight allows the user complete control over the look and layout that is used to embed the feed while removing any type of unwanted content with manual moderation. The overall goal of this plugin is to promote success through eCommerce. 


Some key features of this plugin are:

  • A hood head that minimizes the look of the widget 
  • elimination of spam and other unwanted content with a tool called manual moderation
  • Posts will appear as a popup
  • Follow button on the tool card
  • Free editor to personalize with 

This is a great plugin, a bit on the newer side, but with many useful features for users of any level of skill with WordPress. The good news is that this plugin can be used for free. Even when used on Premium, this plugin has a price tag at zero. So you can have this in use on your site and never worry about having to pay for the right to continue doing so.

Overall, this is another really useful plugin for a WordPress website. The stuff that comes with this plugin is a useful addition to the site and is meant especially for someone who is hoping to monetize and benefit from the inclusion of a feed from TikTok on their WordPress website. This is the type of plugin that will continue to do this regardless of the exact goals as long as you have eCommerce in mind when embedding a TikTok feed. 

Embed Block for TikTok

Embed block is a built in feature for modern WordPress versions that allows you to do two things. You can either add a TikTok embed block to Block Editor or add TikTok embed support for Classic editor. 


Block Editor allows the implementation of columns for use with text on your WordPress website, meaning this plugin will enable you to place the TikTok feed within the columns of text that you created using the Block Editor. Classic Editor is supported by WordPress and allows the user to add an older style look to their personal site.  It will enable the use of a TikTok embed to be used when you are also using older style meta boxes or extending the screen in the style of the old school editing system that used to be in place.

This plugin is fairly simple and straightforward in the features that are the most useful. They include:

  • Ability to embed TikTok into a column of text created through the use of Block Editor
  • Also allows the use of Classic Editor formats while still embedding the TikTok feed into the webpage

So it may not be fancy, but what it does do, it does very well. With a plugin as specific as this one it is easy to make sure that it the parameters of use are met, it will work well when you embed the TikTok feed into your page. This plugin is also free and available for download on the WordPress site for you to utilize.

There are a few other similar platforms that have a few other features, but this one is the original that is still a go-to choice for many users who appreciate the tried and true nature of the well-used program. It has yet to be tested on the newest versions of the site, so it is mainly recommended that you choose this plugin if you are still working with the classic editor-style plugin as it subverts the site to an older usage mode. 


66Biolinks is a platform that optimizes and streamlines the use of bio links and enables the user to create an unlimited number of link landing pages as they find are needed for their website. Bio links are useful as they all have their own unique address and can be used to consistently showcase certain parts of websites, sometimes referred to as mini-sites. 


66biolinks is a PHP plugin that is highly customizable and will allow you to insert the links of your choice in a way that is entirely customizable and makes them personalized for you and your site. With many templates already in place, this is a very simple and easy tool to utilize with your WordPress website.  

66biolinks includes a featured URL shortener, QR code generation system, and a web tools system that contains 59 tools that you may find useful when you are customizing and optimizing your webpage. It has bio link blocks available and aimed at customization in order to make your WordPress page user friendly and made to your specifications.

The main features include:

  • Pixel tracking 
  • Predefined themes to choose from
  • Full customization of backgrounds, Favicon, and more
  • Abiliity to create and use custom branding
  • SEO settings
  • Font customization
  • Language targeting 
  • OS targeting 
  • Password protection
  • Sensitive content warning

In addition to all of these main features, to make your site just how you want it to there are several other interesting and useful things this plugin can help you accomplish. You can create static or dynamic QR codes to your specifications easily. There are 12 QR code types that you can choose from and endlessly customize. 

Also available are the bio link blocks, of which there are 15 available for your use. These bio blocks include blocks for:

  • Links/URLs
  • heading text
  • avatar images
  • custom images
  • source links
  • email signups
  • soundcloud embeds
  • Youtube embeds

And this is not the entire list. Plus, this does not even include the 59 web tools that become available to you when you utilize this plugin. It has so many useful tools that you may not even be able to use them all. The target specific things that individuals are looking for like advanced analytics, case converter, password generator, and so many more. All things that a website hoping to take advantage of an eCommerce angle would love to have at its fingertips.  

This is one plugin that will cost you some money though. You could choose the cheaper, more limited option that is a reasonable 79 USD for use, or there is the much more comprehensive choice, that gives access without limitations to every single element that 66biolinks has to offer for 499 USD. The good news is that both of these options are one-time-only payments. Once you pay, you are good to use the 66biolinks tools for as long as you would like and never lose access to them or any of the features they offer. 

This is a comprehensive plugin if you are in the market for something to use to easily manage and create links within your WordPress website. You can create links to anything you please which allows the traffic on the site the ultimate feeling of being able to have freedom of choice and not feeling as f they are being sucked into a funnel only meant for one purpose. The audience that you have gathered will be happy to support you and feel like they are gaining something useful when you have links that allow them to explore where the information came from or that take them to a site they never knew about but know they need now. 66biolinks may not be free, but it seems to be worth the money if you take a peek at any of their reviews.

Final Thoughts  

Whatever the reason is generating the need for you to find and utilize any of these plugins for use with TikTok on a WordPress website. These tools are the best that we have found to help you easily and quickly implement and optimize your WordPress website. They are especially helpful if you are in the market to monetize your site in order to take advantage of the eCommerce possibilities that come with the authorship of a website of your own. WordPress makes it easy and then these plugins make it even easier for anyone to take advantage of these opportunities as they come along.

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