CSV To HTML Table Converter

Use this handy tool to convert a raw CSV into a HTML table. Easily display data on your website, Google Docs or Microsoft Word by copy/paste.
1) We are using Pure.css Tables to style this table. The output is compatible with Pure or Bootstrap. You can also use another framework or manually style if needed.
2) Copy and paste this table into a text editor, or get the raw code by pasting into an online HTML editor.

How To Use This Tool

This tool converts CSV data to HTML table format using the csvToHtml function in Javascript.

Simply paste in your CSV data and it'll convert it into HTML.

The output automatically contains the following classes:table table-striped pure-table, making it compatible with Pure CSS and Bootstrap CSS.  You can also style it yourself.

To use the output, select everything from the first cell in the upper left to the last cell in the lower right. Then copy and paste it into an online text editor like TinyMCE or Gutenberg.

This will also support Microsoft Word, so it's a great way to convert a CSV into a Microsoft Word table.

Why Convert CSV to HTML Table?

This is really helpful - just copy and past raw data, and you'll have a table to visually display it in a Word Document or website.

We use it to quickly convert data sets into tables. Then we'll paste them into our WordPress blog!

Credit Where Credit Is Due

This is an adapted fork of Sten Hougaard's CSV to HTML table Codepen Notebook. We changed a few things and made it easier to use.

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