Image To CSS Converter

Use this handy tool to convert images to CSS code. Create a unique graphic for use on your next web design project.

How To Use This Tool

This tool converts an image to CSS code by parsing pixel data and converting it into CSS box shadow. The output is a unique effect that can be placed into a div or other HTML container.

To begin, first upload your image.

You have four options which you can manipulate to change the output. The first option is the pixel size. Increacing the pixel size will lower the resolution.

Increasing pixel spacing will increase the space between the pixels.

Turning off alpha will make the image no longer transparent. And, as expected, increasing pixel roundness, will increase the roundness of the pixel.

Click convert, wait, and you'll be given CSS to place into your website. The default class is .pixels, but you can change this if needed.

Why Convert An Image To CSS?

Because it's cool.

Something to note is the most outputs created by this tool are absurdly large and shouldn't really be used in production. For example, the css for the two example CSS "images" below is about 1MB!

Also, be patient. This takes a bunch of browser resources and may take a while to convert larger images to CSS.

Examples Of Images Converted To CSS

Credit Where Credit Is Due

This is an adapted fork of Emad Elsiad's Any Image To CSS Codepen Notebook. We changed a few things and made it easier to use.

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