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Authored By: James LePage
Published On: July 24, 2020

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If you like the conversational style and flow of a Typeform form,  but don't want to pay ridiculous monthly pricing, there are a few WordPress plugins that you can take a look at which fulfill the same purpose. 

What’s Typeform? 

Let's quickly run through what Typeform has to offer, and why it is so popular among bloggers, content creators, and website administrators in general. 

How To Scale Teams That Break Down Barriers: Typeform's Simple ...
Typeform in action

Typeform has a unique offering that is different than many other methods of collecting data through forms. Instead of presenting users with a massive array of input fields, they give you the power to build unique, conversational forms that present the user with one question at a time. 

This platform can be expanded from simple contact forms all the way to complex quizzes, and more. It makes use of conditional logic, automatic field population, and a ton of other features. Typeform is a SSAS solution, meaning that it's billed monthly and fairly locked down. 

Typeform just costs to much

Most of it’s features are standard with popular form solutions in WordPress, such as Gravity Forms and WPForms. What isn't standard is the frontend form design (again, conversational, simple, and well designed) -- if you don't know where to look, you may believe that there's nothing like Typeform for WordPress.  

Multi Step Forms Don’t Cut It 

If you were looking for a way to collect data one step at a time, you may have stumbled across multi step forms. These type of forms have their time in place, but if you're looking to make something like type form for WordPress, they simply don't cut it. 

Multi step forms are lacking the conversational, interactive aspect that Typeform has to offer. Furthermore, it's very difficult to navigate them using only a keyboard. Typeform is known for its use of keyboard navigation. For example, press “enter to continue”, or “choose between four selections using A,B,C or D”. 

(We don't have anything against multi step forms, they're just not a Typeform alternative)

You may be worried, and thinking to yourself, “is there any hope? I just want a conversational form just like Typeform in my WordPress website.” The answer is yes, there are two solutions that we have personally used for client projects which mirror the functionality of Typeform.  

Call them WordPress Typeform Alternatives, if you will. 

Luckily, they don't come with the steep price associated with the SAAS solution, and fufill exactly the same role. In fact, users won't know the difference between your form and a Typeform offering. 

Let's take a look at two WordPress plugins that are re worthy alternatives to typeform. 

WPForms + Conversational Addon 

If you're looking for a well supported and popular alternative to Typeform, WPForms and their conversational form add-on is your best bet. This add-on was designed to extend the base version of WPForms pro, giving it exactly the same functionality and fields that come with Typeform. 

They market it as a way to reduce form abandonment. That's probably because they can't outright state that they made a great competitor to Typeform forms.  

interactive conversational forms example

We find that both their marketing proposition as well as the unofficial marketing proposition are equally valid. It's well known at the conversational, one question at a time, style of form results in a higher completion rate. If you're looking to collect a lot of data, doing it this way is a great option. 

And, because it's an official add-on, it integrates with all other official add-ons by WPForms. That means you can make use of the form abandonment addon, conditional logic, marketing integrations, stripe checkout, and more... all in the conversational, one step at a time, format. 

We've used this in many client projects, specifically ones that need to run long surveys. Typically, they would bite the bullet and purchase the enterprise version of Typeform which comes in at a whopping $70 per month. That adds up to $840 a year to run pretty surveys. With the WPForms conversational forms add-on, their costs are reduced to $199.50 per year, and they get access to all of the other extensions that come with the professional licensing plan For WPForms. 

You can choose to create a conversational form as a standalone page, or embed it directly into your website. Take a look at the official WPForms conversational forms add-on demo, embedded as an iframe directly below: 


Now let's take a look at a conversational offering called last form, which is billed as a direct competitor to Typeform. In fact, its complete title is “Lastform - Affordable Typeform alternative for WordPress”.  

We have personally used this solution on an older rendition of our agency website, and absolutely loved the plugin. It worked very well, was expandable from a developer's perspective, and did everything that green could do and more. 

Lastform is dependent on Gravity Forms, meaning that you need to have that form plugin for this one to work. That brings your costs up to about $126. Lastform is a one time payment of $67, while Gravity Forms costs anywhere between $59 and $259. Keep in mind, you can opt for the lowest tier of the Gravity Forms plug in. It will work with Lastform.  

It works with many Gravity Forms features and integrations, such as the survey add-on, and all marketing integrations. However, this is a third party solution That isn't officially endorsed by Gravity Forms. This is where this plugin differs from the WPForms conversational forms plugin

Something else that you should be aware of before purchasing this plugin is the fact that it hasn't been updated since 2018. We can personally confirm that it works on WordPress version 5.0, with the most recent version of Gravity Forms. At the same time, the developer doesn't provide active support, and the project looks to be abandoned. 

That doesn't stop people from purchasing the plug-in, as it is incredibly well designed, much cheaper than Typeform, and does its job well, even in late 2020. 

At the same time, we definitely recommend going with option one if you're looking to incorporate conversational, Typeform-like forms into your WordPress website. While this plugin still works, there are security concerns to be worried about, as every passing day means that malicious actors or one step closer to exploiting bugs (If they haven't already). 

That's exactly the reason why this form no longer powers our website contact page, and has been removed and replaced (with the first choice on this list) from all client web sites. 


As you can see, there are Typeform alternatives built specifically as WordPress plugins. These fulfill the same role that type form would, and allow you to integrate directly into your WordPress website. This is incredibly helpful if you are trying to manage a database or take advantage of the powerful features that these form tools have to offer, such as conditional logic, payment processing, quizzes, surveys, and more. 

Conversational forms in a WordPress website are a great idea because it increases conversion rates and reduces form abandonment. With the two plugins mentioned in this article, that's possible without paying $70 per month for a Typeform subscription. 

In order to access the conversational forms add-on for WPForms, you need to pay for their professional license, which costs $200 per year. (You could choose not to renew at the end of one year, meaning that you won't get support or updates).  

Compared with Typeform, WPForms comes with a lot more flexibility, power, integrations, and use case scenarios. $200 per year blows the $840 a year that you would be paying with Typeform out of the water. 

We hope that this article showed you 2 Typeform alternatives. These are WordPress plugins which enable the conversational form aspect (that we've come to know and love with Typeform) directly in your WordPress website, piggybacking on some of the largest form processing solutions for WordPress out there. 

If you have any questions about these plugins, our experience with them, or any other suggestions to readers on other WordPress plugins that are like Typeform, let us know in the comments section. 

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