Uncanny Automator Review - How Good Is It In 2024?

By James LePage
 on October 25, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

Uncanny Automator Review - How Good Is It In 2024?

By James LePage
 on October 25, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

WordPress is a content management system that is known for its many plug-ins. One particular plugin, Uncanny Automator, is especially useful for automation and connecting different sites. This plug-in was developed by the Toronto-based WordPress company,  Uncanny Owl.

You can automate your workflow and tasks without using any code whatsoever. From different websites, plugins, to external apps, Uncanny Automator connects these elements together using different combinations. 

You may ask “Why would I need automation?”. Think of it as cause and effect. When users visit your website, the proper tools can allow one action or click to set off other actions. For example, if a user buys something on your eCommerce site, the Automator plugin can automatically add their info to an email list or put them at a different membership level. 

The response that happens based on a user’s actions is up to you. With Uncanny Automator, several different responses can take place when web builders create “recipes.”

There are several features and integrations available with this app. Let's take a look at an overview of this plug-in to see how useful it can be for a website.


Task Automation 

There are various actions and triggers this plug-in supports on WordPress. If a user logs onto the website, submits a comment, views your page, or views a post, it can set off an action specified in one of the recipes that you create. Other supported triggered results include adding a user role, changing a user role, or sending an email after a specified user action.

Imagine how much time is saved when the above actions are automatically triggered instead of waiting for you or another web manager to manually go in and respond to all possible actions.

Many Trigger Options Available

Uncanny Automator incorporates several triggers for your convenience. In addition to the above-mentioned triggers, users can initiate an action when they:

  • Fill out a form
  • Fail a quiz
  • Complete a lesson
  • Register for an event
  • Buy a product

Actions Options

Of course, this is just a sampling of the available triggers. These triggers may initiate many different actions as well. Let's look at a few more actions that are possible with Uncanny Automator :

  • Mark a lesson complete
  • Reset course progress
  • Unlock a new course
  • Send email

Plugin users don't have to mark only one action. You can initiate a combination of actions to happen after one or a combination of triggers.

Plugin Integration

As its name says, Uncanny Automator is a plugin used to automate several tasks. Its automation capabilities are very powerful. It has over 100 automation triggers and actions when you connect it to the plugins below:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • BadgeOS
  • BuddyBoss
  • BuddyPress
  • Elementor
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • PopupMaker
  • Gravity Forms
  • Zapier
  • Contact Form 7
  • WPForms
  • Zoom Meetings
  • Zoom Webinars
  • HappyForms
  • Google Sheets
  • Events Manager
  • Paid Memberships Pro
  • Instagram
  • Uncanny Code
  • WooCommerce
  • MailChimp
  • LearnDash
  • And several more!

Automations With External Integrations

With so many powerful external integrations available, let's look at some of the automation that is possible when you have the pro package.

When Uncanny Automator is integrated with Google Sheets, a user's purchase or the completion of a course automatically adds a row to a Google sheet. 

You can also receive Slack notifications and direct messages when users make a purchase or perform another triggered action on your WordPress site. 

Allow recipe completion to enroll users into web conferencing sessions on Zoom and GoTo WebMeeting.

User Education

Overwhelmed by the automation capabilities of his powerful plugin, you have easy access to user guides. WordPress Knowledge Base provides simple documentation as well as instructional videos for the user to follow. There are also code samples and more robust documentation for developers as well.

Ease of Use

There's no coding involved in order to set up the automation. The user-friendly editor allows anyone to begin setting up triggers and actions in as little as five minutes. 

In-Depth Look At “Recipes”

You may wonder what a "recipe" is in this instance. A recipe is a term used in regards to what happens when we combine a trigger with the action.  Here are a couple of examples of popular recipes you can use in this plugin.

  • When users submit a feedback form, enroll them in the next course.
  • When users register for an event, add users to the email list.

There's only so much space in this article, so we can't possibly cover every single recipe combination available with the vast list of integrations. So let's look at some of the more popular integrations and recipe possibilities.


Instagram is one of the most popular ways that users share photos and videos online. Uncanny Automator integration allows you to automatically share an image on Instagram when you publish a blog post. You may share a certificate photo on the photo app when users complete a series of courses.


Instantly post tweets on Twitter when a new WordPress post is published, a user completes a set of courses, or when new form threads are created. 


Elementor is a popular website builder on WordPress. Increase the convenience of this web builder by using Automator to add users to a list or group upon form submission. Show pop-ups whenever a user posts a comment.


The social networking website probably needs no introduction. Further, enhance the ability to share updates with your family and friends by automatically sharing your WordPress articles on Facebook. Share a picture on Facebook after a series of courses have been completed on LearnDash.


This popular email marketing platform is also integrated with Uncanny Automator as a way to update subscribers. Email your WordPress posts to your MailChimp audience automatically. Users can be added or unsubscribed from the MailChimp audience whenever a user is approved or membership is canceled. 

When users update their profiles on WordPress, Uncanny Automator can automatically update that user's profile on MailChimp as well. Use a recipe to tag a user on MailChimp when they complete a purchase on your website or watch a video.


Use Zoom for more than just hosting a webinar or video conferencing. Integrate it with Uncanny Automator to register users for a webinar after purchasing a product through WooCommerce, completing a course, or filling out a form on Caldera. 


You can test this plug-in by using a free trial. However, there is also a free membership option.

The three main pricing packages for this plug-in are Pro, Business, and Unlimited. The cheapest package is the Pro package and it will cost you $149 a year.  With this plan, you will get hundreds of triggers and actions for one website. You can create an unlimited number of recipes. Users also have access to support and updates. Luckily, premium integration with Google Sheets, Slack, MailChimp and more, is also available with this option.

For $249, the Business plan comes with support for up to 10 websites. Unlike the pro package, you can now use recipes between different websites. This plan also comes with support for each website.

Users can get unlimited website support for $399 per year.  

The listed prices are introductory prices. When you decide to renew your subscription, you will have to renew it at the full price. For example, while the Unlimited plan starts out at $399 per year, you will have to pay $599 after you renew it. The Pro price goes up to $199 upon renewal.

Pros & Cons


No code is necessary to use the plugin, so there is no need to pay for and wait for a developer to set things up.

Automate routine tasks on your WordPress website. This saves you time and energy, since the human user doesn't always have to go in and initiate an action after one action takes place.

You can easily connect to different plug-ins and apps. As a matter of fact, several external integrations are available with this plugin.

Users can utilize a free trial before deciding on a paid membership.

 Depending on your package, you can integrate different websites.

All packages have a helpdesk and support. Some web apps don't always provide a help desk or premium support for the lower-price packages. Luckily, that is not an issue with the Uncanny Automator.

Countless recipe options are available and in different combinations.

There are tutorials available for novice users and developers. Regardless of your coding or tech level,  you're given tools to become as familiar with the power of this plug-in as possible.

The plug-in was also built with translation in mind. While WordPress does not specify how many languages are compatible with the plugin, translation has been tested on it. 


This is not a cheap plugin. The cheapest option has an introductory price of $149 a year.

The plugin might be a little too robust for a single freelancer. Appears to be built and meant for a company or team.

Users should watch out for introductory price differences. There is a $50 difference between the first and second-year fee of the Pro plan, a $100 difference between the first and second year on the Business plan, and a $200 difference between what you will pay between the first and second year on the Unlimited plan. 

This is a WordPress plugin. So, if you don’t use WordPress, you won’t be able to experience its usefulness.

Who Is This Plugin For?

Clearly, this plugin is very useful for e-learning.  Whenever someone completes a course or fills out a form, the plugin initiates a series of next-step actions. A user can automatically have their certificate of completion posted on various social media websites such as Facebook or Instagram.

Any business that relies on membership, such as museums, will find this app useful. Easily update your membership website and your email list without having to do so manually. 

Any business that requires additional workflow automation can find a way to utilize this app. The number of recipes that you can use is abundant. You can use a combination of triggers along with a combination of actions.

Businesses that offer any type of service or product can benefit from the plug-in. Normally, when a user visits a Commerce website, owners want to guide the user to perform another action. This plugin easily automates a lot of those actions.


Here are some possible competitors for this plugin:

  • Workato
  • Cyclr
  • Boomi
  • ActiveBatch
  • Xplenty
  • FluentCRM (somewhat)

Final Thoughts About Uncanny Automator

The capabilities of this plug-in are extensive.  I am amazed at the number of integrations available. This WordPress plugin can be integrated with several popular outside applications and websites. Running a website is an exhaustive amount of work, whether you are a freelancer or a mid-sized company.  

You can automatically update your lists for membership or email purposes.  I guess I know why now I have automatically been added to an email list of companies that I never subscribed to.

As remote learning grows further in this day and age, this plugin will probably continue to gain more steam. Its integration capabilities with LearnDash and web conferencing software such as Zoom, make subscribing to new users a breeze. After completing courses, it can initiate useful actions such as course completion notification or certificates.

Its integration capabilities with social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are relatively simple. While it's nice to automatically put out a tweet or a Facebook photo with each blog post, it's not necessarily groundbreaking. I can easily share a web post to my social media accounts with one click. However, this is one less step that one can do if you already have the plugin available.  I am more impressed with the MailChimp email integration since it can automatically add, update, or delete users as needed. 

If you want more advanced options beyond the free membership, the paid plans are not cheap and become more expensive in the second year and beyond. However, if you want an automated workflow,  it will probably be worth the money depending on your business. The list of integration is extensive and the recipe options provide countless automation for your website. 

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