Uncode Review - Is This Popular WordPress Theme A Good Choice in 2024?

By James LePage
 on July 31, 2022

Uncode Review - Is This Popular WordPress Theme A Good Choice in 2024?

By James LePage
 on July 31, 2022

In this article, we're going to dive into Uncode Theme, reviewing its features and usage. This WordPress theme is one of the most popular themes on the market in 2024. In fact, it holds rank 11 on ThemeForest’s best-selling themes for creating a WordPress website.

One of the best themes on the market?

We'll be talking about the features, pricing, support, and other aspects of the Uncode theme, so you can make an informed decision if this is the right WP theme for your website.

Uncode Theme Review: The Basics

What is Uncode?

It is a premium WP theme with awesome, readymade templates.

Uncode Theme demos and templates
Some of the many templates this code has

The WordPress theme packs a page builder so you can create a beautiful WordPress website without doing any type of coding.

The Uncode Theme is developed by the Undsgn team. This team consists of a group of developers from Sweden and Italy.


This company started with a theme called Studiofolio, which later was rebranded (or continued) as Uncode.

The Uncode theme is primarily for web designers and creative enthusiasts.

If you happen to be either a designer or an artist such as a writer, photographer, or designer, you would enjoy using the Uncode WP theme.

Uncode Theme Review: Features


The Uncode theme packs more than 30 demo sites. All these websites boast great quality and designer-friendly layouts. 

Trendy demo design
Great, on-trend demos

I will have to say that Uncode has done a great job in the “design” aspect of the themes.

If you have used WordPress themes, you would agree that most themes follow the same general principle- Hero images (with color overlay), and horizontal sections.

Uncode, however, takes a different route.

The layouts and designs on Uncode are unique.

Frontend Page Builder

The best thing about Uncode is its user-friendly page builder. 

I like their workflow for website creation.

You would not have to write a single line of code to create a website using Uncode.

The Frontend Editor (page builder) demo

Like most top page builders, Uncode allows you to see your edits and tweaks in real-time. This way you can change the design as and when needed, instead of having to wait after publishing.

Another cool thing here is that with the front-end editor, you get an unobtrusive workspace. In simple terms, you will not find distracting elements when working with the editor.

And of course, you have responsive views, so you can see how your website would look on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

WooCommerce Theme Builder

Uncode’s WooCommece Builder is great for those looking to create an online store.

You can easily design the main shop page and product listings.

If you want pixel-perfect product lists visually without having to code, Uncode’s WooCommerce builder is just right.

Custom Checkout and Cart page design are possible with this Theme
You can build 100% custom cart and checkout pages with this theme!

The theme allows you to create a wide variety of shop listings.

With the Page Builder, you can build custom WooCommerce Cart, and Checkout pages. 

The page builder offers new modules using which you can create a seamless shopping experience in your store.

You can easily customize your My Account, Login, and Empty Cart pages so they match your overall branding. This comes in handy when you are trying to build customer loyalty and a great shopping experience.

Have you observed how some cool ecommerce websites have product pages where the product images change quickly to show you the image from different angles?

This is where Quick-View comes into play.

Uncode quick view popup
Quick-View popup for WordPress

Using Uncode, you get a native Quick-View feature. Using Content Block and Dynamic features modules, you can create a custom layout as well.

Filtering is key to improving customer engagement.

Users on your site should have the freedom to filter and sort products.

Thanks to Uncode’s dozens of filtering options, you can create several filters.

Common ones include Categories filtering, WooCommerce ordering, and advanced Content Block Widgets filtering.

Using the Side-Cart, you can add an elegant sliding panel to show the contents of the shopping cart on your site through a modern, intuitive layout.

Uncode supports popular wish-list plugins such as the YITH Wishlist plugin. With this free plugin, you can allow users on your website to create lists of their favorite products, and share them with family and friends.

Uncode Wireframes Plugin

If you are looking to do more with this WP theme, you can consider the Uncode Wireframes Plugin.

Together with Uncode, this plugin allows you to import more than 550 section templates to help you create a full-fledged website or landing page.

A ton of wireframe layouts with this tool

Some of the popular wireframe layouts include contents, icons, CTA (call to actions), counters, quotes, headers, cart & checkout, portfolio, blog, news, shop, galleries, grids, shop utilities, pricing tables, forms, maps, team members, footers, and products.

Uncode makes it easy for you to find these wireframes by sorting them into 18 categories. You can easily combine them to create the layouts and designs of your choice.

Impressive Posts Module

Using the Uncode Posts module, you can create any Post, Page, Portfolio, and Product layout. From creating simple grids and carousels to more advanced Masonry and fluid Metro variations, you can do it all using the Posts Module.

If you want to show posts and content from different sources using different parameters and settings, Uncode’s Build Query is the tool to use.

You get more than 100 options to create the design of your choice.

I find the grid layouts quite beautiful with Uncode.

There are several options here- Masonry, Fit Rows, Packery, Vertical, etc.

Post ID and matrix

Carousels give that visual edge to your website.

With Uncode, you can create beautiful carousels even with less real estate.

Uncode Post Module offers the ‘Post ID’ and ‘Matrix’ options to help you create custom grids and advanced layouts.

If you want to display a list of your categories and taxonomies, you can use the Taxonomy Query in the Uncode Posts module.

If you are a creative designer, you would enjoy the Titles layout.

Using this, you can display Post Types, blogs, portfolios, products, etc in a more slick way.

I am a fan of clean, minimalistic designs.

Uncode offers the table layout to present your Post Type in different ways, in a modern, organized fashion.

Content Block

What if you want to create a specific content section and use it across multiple pages?

Thanks to Uncode’s Content Block, you can create a content section, and later import and share it across multiple pages on your website.

Content Block uncode theme

Alternatively, you can use that content section to define a custom dynamic template.

The Content Block comes in handy when you want to use both static and dynamic sections across multiple pages.

For example, you can use the Content Block along with the Page Builder to create single page headers or dynamic headers. And you can use these sections in multiple posts and web pages.

The Content Block lets you create dynamic Single Product templates with the Product Builder.

Let’s say you want to have a promo section or a newsletter box on multiple pages of the website.

You can use Shared Page Contents to achieve this.

Thanks to Categories templates, you can create beautiful WP category pages and custom archive templates.

Seeing the same footer style on different websites can be boring.

How about creating a custom footer?

The Content Block allows you to create your favorite footer design without any pre-built footer presets.

Dynamic Contents

If you want to dynamically populate a specific layout with content based on the context of usage, Dynamic Contents can help.

Dynamic Modules such as the Page Builder Modules allow you to create custom designs. And then you can deploy them as a matrix for your layouts. 

Dynamic Contents comes in handy when creating a custom page, portfolio, or product templates.

You have the option to use the Custom Fields module to display custom data on your custom dynamic page contents.

You can use the Posts Module to create an archive or category layout with Dynamic Query. This feature can also be used to create a Related Posts section.

Post grid demo

Uncode allows you to dynamically display the Featured/Secondary image as the row’s background as well as a column’s background.

With Media Gallery, you can render the page media from a blog post or your portfolio. You can also use this for showcasing your products (WooCommerce store).

If you want to create custom Portfolio layouts, you can use the Portfolio Details functionality.

With the Breadcrumb element, you can create a navigation bar for your website.

If you are running a blog, displaying the Author Profile could be a good option.

Uncode allows you to dynamically display different elements such as date, author, comments, and categories.

Finally, we have the option to show these elements (and even estimated reading time) for a specific page or blog post.

One-Click Import

Uncode offers more than 70 concepts. You can use Demo Contents importer for all layouts and pages.

Dynamic Srcset Images

This functionality auto detects the screen size of your visitor and delivers the appropriately scaled version of your website. Great for user experience.

Slides Scroll

Using this feature in Uncode, you can change a single-page design to a visually appealing page with transitions.

Shape Dividers

Uncode offers around 30 default shapes to help you add beautiful separators to your pages.

Animated Headings

No more boring static headings.

With the Uncode theme, you can turn your boring headings into animated and highlighted headlines.

Album Galleries

These independent galleries are great for user experience.

They would open an entire media gallery from one thumbnail.

WPML Multilingual Certified

As you might know, WPML is the top WordPress plugin for multi-language websites.

Thankfully, Uncode has gotten the WPML green signal.


WPMl allows you to translate a variety of web elements such as web pages, posts, menus, and more.

You will also find a video tutorial on how to create a Multilingual Business Website using Uncode & WPML.


Uncode allows you to import fonts such as Google Fonts, Typekit, Fontdeck, and Font Squirrel. And if Google Fonts are not enough, you can also import custom web fonts and system fonts.

Uncode Theme Review: Pricing

Uncode is available for $59.

You can purchase it from Envatomarket.

Uncode is available for $59 on EnvatoMarket

The regular license ($59) covers one site and comes with six-month support from Undsgn.


Uncode offers a decent knowledge base that has in-depth articles on using the WordPress theme. The knowledgebase comprises articles and guides across general, first steps, theme options, pages & posts, page builder, headers, media, WooCommerce, how-to, speed & performance, extra, and FAQ.

Undsgn knowledgebase

For instance, if you go to the Speed & Performance category, you would find an in-depth post on “How to optimize for speed and performance.”

Uncode also has a YouTube channel that has a variety of videos that help you understand how to use the WordPress theme. You will find detailed videos addressing layouts, main menu, typography, importing demo layouts, and more.

Uncode WP Theme Review: The Good and Bad

Uncode WordPress theme comes with pre-integrated plugins such as Visual Composer, iLightbox, Slider Revolution, and Layer Slider. Thanks to a large number of Content Blocks, you can easily create a multitude of layouts with great ease.

I find their predefined layouts quite useful. These give you a sneak peek into the site’s design before you create one.

Uncode offers adaptive images to help you render scaled images on mobile devices.

You can customize all elements of the layout- header, footer, menu, and content sections.

Uncode is great for creating a WooCommerce Store.

And it integrates well with Contact Form 7.

What about the shortcomings of Uncode?

If you are new to WP themes, it might take you some time to get a hang of the Uncode theme structure with content blocks.

Uncode costs $59, which could be a bit pricey for some.

Also, you cannot install Uncode theme if you do not have adequate PHP memory. Check with your website host if you can boost the resources on the backend.

Uncode comes with a special version of Visual Composer. The theme would not work properly without the Visual Composer plugin. For those that are not familiar with Visual Composer, it is essentially a frontend drag-and-drop editor for WordPress.

This is a bottleneck especially if you want to migrate to another theme in the future, as then you will have to purchase the Visual Composer plugin.

I love fast-loading WP themes.

Sadly, Uncode WordPress theme is not a super fast theme.

Uncode WordPress Theme Review: Conclusion

Overall, Uncode WordPress theme is a decent theme for many.

It offers a large number of customization options.

It could definitely improve in areas such as loading times, and ease of use.

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