Using Nimbufy To Migrate Any Site To Oxygen

By James LePage
 on January 13, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

Using Nimbufy To Migrate Any Site To Oxygen

By James LePage
 on January 13, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

This article is going to talk about our experience with using the Nimbufy Extension, a tool that allows you to easily recreate any website structure in the Oxygen Builder.

The Nimbufy software offering is something that's very unique, and a tool that we haven't found a similar alternative to (in regards to the greater WordPress ecosystem). What this tool does is allow you to copy any website (created with Oxygen or not) into an Oxygen Builder shortcode format.

In plain English, this allows you to recreate any website that uses HTML and CSS (so every single site online) on Oxygen in a matter of seconds.

For many who have created their website on a legacy pagebuilder or a standard WordPress theme, and are considering making the move over to Oxygen but don't want to completely redesign their website, this tool was created for you. It allows you to point and click, copy and paste, and have an Oxygen version of that page very quickly.

It's pretty easy. First take a snapshot.

Then, just import to Oxygen, and clean it up.

You can check how many KBs it'll cost you beforehand:

And boom, you've got the page in your site, just like that.

Does Nimbiufy Work?

Now, the question is does it work.

And the answer is yes, to an extent. You're not going to be able to recreate any complex websites, or copy over the JavaScript associated with these type of functionalities. It's only going to be a cosmetic copy, meaning you're going to bring over the colors, padding, HTML elements, and more. From our experience, we needed to spend a lot of time on making the content that was copied over using the Nimbufy tool responsive to all devices.

Nimbufy will also not copy over the image files on to your server, meaning that you'll need to import them yourself. Also, if you are properly creating a website with Oxygen Builder, you may want to change the ID's and add custom CSS classes as needed.

But, if you have an existing website built with Elementor, another WordPress theme, or on a completely different content management system that you want to migrate over to Oxygen Builder, the Nimbufy tool will help you speed up this process.

Nimbufy Is Not a Plugin

Something that's interesting is the fact that this tool is not a plugin, instead it is a Chrome browser extension. That's because it does all of the processing on its own servers. When you find a website that you would like to copy into the Oxygen Builder format, you point and click in a Chrome browser window with the Nimbufy extension enabled, and it takes that HTML an associated CSS, processes on its own processor, and then returns the shortcodes to the extension. You'll then simply go and create a new page or template in the Oxygen Builder, initialize the Nimbufy extension, and paste the content directly into your page builder.

Our Use Case

Our main use case is restoring websites that have been deleted by existing hosts from, and rebuilding them in the Oxygen Builder. Not only does this result in an incredibly quick loading website, but it allows us to start off with at least something when rebuilding a website that has been completely deleted. If you are looking for an agency that can help you restore your website from back up very quickly and easily, feel free to reach out, because that is something we do.


If you've been searching for “is there a tool to convert my website format into Oxygen Builder”, the answer is yes there is. However, again we need to state that this will not work for any dynamic capabilities, anything having to do with JavaScript, and it will require a lot of polishing. But it should save you some time if you're looking to make a one to one copy.

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Sergio Vazquez II
2 years ago

I am pretty sure this company is out of business.

I purchased the 30MB package last week, but my account still says "Pending" a week later, even though the money came out immediately. I emailed support a few days later and the email got KICKED BACK. I have since messaged support, and have received NO response.

I am not sure WHY their site is still accepting payments if their service is DEFUNCT. 🤬

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