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Using Olimometer To Add A Fundraising Thermometer To WordPress

Authored By: James LePage
Published On: November 17, 2020

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Olimometer is a free plugin that integrates with both PayPal and StayClassy, which allows you to display a fund raising thermometer on your WordPress website. If you do any type of fund raising and want to display a visual gauge of how close you are to your goal, this plugin could be a good option for you.

It was last updated four years ago, and has 1000 active installations, but it's still available through the WordPress repository, secure from our testing, and works with WordPress version five.

The main selling point of this plugin is the fact that it has custom skin support, and you can configure multiple thermometers which can be displayed by a short code on different pages and posts. You can also set up a PayPal donate button below the thermometer which could help you fundraise even more.

If you're looking to customize, Olimometer has custom headers, footers and CSS classes. This means you can accurately target individual elements of the thermometer, and change them as you need. There are also a bunch of pre installed vertical and horizontal skins , and the only requirement is the GD libraries included with PHP (Which is something that you have if you're running WordPress).

The overall design of the front end thermometer is a bit dated, so you'll probably want to create your own custom skin in 2020. However, this plug-in is still fully functional, and works well to display your progress towards fundraising goals.

Our agency has worked with dozens of nonprofit enterprises in the past, and the similarity between all of them is the fact that they're strapped for cash. There are other fundraising thermometers out there, but if you're looking for a free indicator, Olimometer is still your best bet.  

When we tested out green, the PayPal API integration was still working, donation button functioned perfectly, and this was still one of the best solutions out there if you were looking to visually display your fund raising endeavors. Give the plug in look:

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