Using Themes With Oxygen Builder

By James LePage
 on July 17, 2020
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

Using Themes With Oxygen Builder

By James LePage
 on July 17, 2020
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

When using the Oxygen Builder with WordPress, themes are completely disabled. This makes the page builder unique, in that all other solutions on the market seek to integrate rather than replace.

There are some unique use cases where using a theme with Oxygen Builder could save you some time while allowing you to use the product. However, and most cases we would recommend either sticking with the existing theme, or migrating completely over to Oxygen.

One of the major benefits with the Oxygen Builder is the clean code, zero bloat, and ability to build a website from the ground up. The tool “frees you” from being tethered to a theme, so think again before you go using a theme with Oxygen Builder.

Oxygen Theme Enabler Plugin

However, if you absolutely need to use Oxygen Builder and a theme together, there's a simple plugin On GitHub that will allow you to do this. Let's take a look at how to use it, how to install it, and the features that it has to offer.

The plugin can be found here “” and is relevantly titled “Oxygen theme enabler”.

It's installed on your WordPress installation just like any other plugin, And adds a new settings page to Oxygen titled “Theme Enable”.

On this page, you have two settings that you can choose from. You can choose to use the theme for most pages, but use Oxygen on select views dependent on conditions in the plugin file (we will talk about this a bit later).

Or, you can choose to use Oxygen for most pages, but use the theme on select views defined by the conditions.

the first option is good if you want to use the theme for the majority of your website, but Oxygen Builder on portions of it. For example, if you have a pre existing website, but want to use Oxygen to create landing pages, this plugin might be helpful for you. Keep in mind, when using Oxygen it won't simply overlay content on your theme. When Oxygen is enabled, the theme is disabled. When the theme is enabled, Oxygen is disabled. You can't simply use Oxygen and the theme together as the tool is not designed that way.

With the second option, you can use Oxygen for most pages, but the theme on select views. An example use case here would be if you are using a WooCommerce specific theme, but want to use the Oxygen Builder to create the majority of the pages on the site.

Again, we strongly caution against using a theme with Oxygen Builder, but with this plugin, it's possible to do that.

Once you've chosen an option, you need to edit the plugin file which applies the conditions to pages and views on the website.

Set The Theme/Oxygen To Apply To Certain Pages

The code that needs to be edited can be found in the plugin.php file. don't worry if you're not familiar with how to do this, it's fairly simple (even if you don't understand PHP). you can choose to edit the plugin by using FTP or using the built in plugin editor included in the core installation of WordPress.

Once you've opened the file, find this line:

return is_page( ‘ENTER STRING HERE’ ); // enter your if condition here. Reference:

Depending on the setting that you selected in the back end interface, you can then turn on Oxygen/your theme For the pages that you specify here. You can choose to specify multiple pages. Here are a couple of examples included in the plugin's GitHub page:

is_page( array( 102, 'about-me', 'About Me) )

After saving the plugin configuration, your theme will be enabled in Oxygen.


This plugin allows you to use a WordPress theme with the Oxygen Builder In the same website. There are obvious drawbacks to this method, and we would recommend choosing one or the other period however, in certain cases this could be very helpful and saves you the work of creating a PHP conditional yourself.

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2 years ago

I managed to activate the theme and specify the pages that will use Oxygen. Everything is OK.
How can I set the blog page and blogposts to also use the Oxygen template instead of the activated theme?

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