Awesome Websites Built With Oxygen Builder

By James LePage
 on July 16, 2020
Last modified on January 6th, 2022

Awesome Websites Built With Oxygen Builder

By James LePage
 on July 16, 2020
Last modified on January 6th, 2022

This post is going to take a look at some of the top websites built with Oxygen Builder. Oxygen Builder is incredibly robust, and allows you to build (pretty much) whatever you want when it comes to your website. It's quickly becoming one of the leading tools for design agencies and power users alike.

the top websites built with oxygen builder
Oxygen Builder Is Incredibly Powerful

For our list of sites built with Oxygen Builder, we wanted to focus on the ones that were incredibly well designed. This list is to highlight the capabilities of the Oxygen Builder and the designers behind it, not high traffic websites that use the tool (though there’s a growing list).

As a design agency, we constantly look to other sites created by peers in the industry for inspiration on both a structural level and UI/UX level. Everything you see here is possible because these websites are ones that are actually created with the tool. This list is sourced from the Official Oxygen Website Showcase Facebook Group, and uses entries from the past year.

Without any further ado, let's take a look at some awesome websites built with the Oxygen Builder.

This is the digital home for a web design agency based in Chile that works with the Oxygen Builder. The site incorporates a collection of unique colors, vibrant images, and simple navigation. There's a well designed pop up form using the Oxygen Builder modal.


Erropix is a WordPress plugin development company that makes two of the most popular add-on packs/ extension plugins for the Oxygen Builder.

Their website is light, fast, and effectively conveys the necessary information. It's the perfect example of a simple SAAS style website built with Oxygen.

Studio Chen Chen

The Studio Chen Chen Website is a great example of an incredibly high quality website built with Oxygen. Studio Chen Chen Is a digital agency.

Their website incorporates a unique blend of typography, custom menus, unique color schemes, and modern user interaction. It's very artistic and is a perfect showcase of the skills that the design team has.

This is just one of the examples of websites built with oxygen builder that are high quality, and incredibly unique.

Online Meubel Concurent

This website perfectly showcases the seamless integration between WooCommerce and Oxygen Builder. The company is and appliances retail shop, and sells high dollar items through their Oxygen Builder website.

It's quite complex, large, and faster load thanks to Oxygen's low bloat.  If you're looking for an example of Oxygen Builder and WooCommerce on one site, check this out.

Knüt Studio

Knüt Studio Is a digital studio based in Spain. Their website incorporates custom transitions, full screen menus, and other unique design elements that can be easily incorporated Into your Oxygen website  with a little bit of custom code.

Coenergy is an energy company that focuses on solar panel installations. Their website, built with Oxygen, shows how companies large and small make use of the site builder. The Coenergy is a single page info site that's perfect for building familiarity and credibility across investors and clients.


SparkFish is a business consultancy based in ‎Belgium. Their website, built with Oxygen Builder, is a great example of a general, multi page, corporate website. It's fast to load, looks great, is easy to navigate and simple to use.


Hopefully this post showed you some examples of websites created with Oxygen Builder. It should be a great starting point if you're looking for inspiration or ideas.

Also, if you haven't noticed our agency website is built with Oxygen Builder. We love the speed, expandability, and flexibility of the site builder. We think that our blog, which receives a fair chunk of traffic, is a good example of a “content website”.

If you have any other websites created with Oxygen Builder that you'd like to see on this list, contact us or leave a link in the comments.

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2 years ago

Hi James.
There are some mistakes. Coenergy and SparkFish have some videos and Knüt Studio dont have video.

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