Why Oxygen?

We proudly use Oxygen Builder to create the majority of our projects.

We use the Oxygen Builder for around 90% of our projects, and by specializing in a single tool, we are able to be much more efficient and effective with our creation.

While we have always used WordPress to create client websites, our method of creating on WordPress has changed over the years. Initially, we would create custom client websites by building custom themes. 

This involved a major time commitment, as everything was hardcoded in PHP, and designed for the client to use on the backend. It was costly and complicated for both our agency and clients.

As the Elementor page builder grew in popularity, our agency quickly adopted it as our main method of creating WordPress website, because it made absolutely every aspect of the site accessible and editable by the client. 

It was also much quicker and less costly than coding a custom theme, that we could achieve the same functionality. We built many complex websites on the Elementor platform, including several auto dealership websites as well as real estate listing sites.

However, there were several drawbacks of this method, with the main one being performance. The page builder, from a developer standpoint, is fairly restrictive and for many custom and complex functionalities, you’re stuck using bloated plugins (or building you own lightweight ones, though this makes the project cost more). This exacerbates the persisting problem of the bloated code output from Elementor, which results in a sluggish website.

We moved to Oxygen Builder in late 2019, as it is the perfect balance of flexibility, ease of use, client accessibility, and performance.

With it, we can create incredibly complex websites without needing to use dozens of plug-ins. The code output is incredibly clean and light weight, resulting in a fast loading front end website, which ranks higher and leads to a better user experience. Essentially, anything that is technically possible with CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and WordPress, can be done through the Oxygen Builder from a development standpoint.

From a client viewpoint, the sites that we can create with this tool are editable from the backend by simply pointing and clicking on content that you would like to change. With a deep integration with advanced custom fields, we can create incredibly complex websites that are very easy to use for somebody who’s not technical.

All Oxygen Builder websites load incredibly quickly when compared to any other WordPress method of creation, and are easily expandable, resulting in a final product that our clients can grow with into the future.

We’ve completed many major projects with this tool, which include large content blogs, corporate websites, directory listing websites, as well as our own well followed agency blog, agency website, and proprietary services which include Oxidize and SpeedOpp.

The thing that has remained constant is our values of customer accessibility, ease of website editing, and future expandability. All of our sites can be changed by the respective owners, from blog posts to individual pages. customers don’t need to engage with us to make minor changes to copy and design. 

At the same time, if they need additional functionality in the future, the site is built in a modular way so all we need to do is create or install a plug-in. You can use your website and grow with it into the future, not needing to scrap it in four years and build a new one.

If you’re interested in learning more about our our company, or exploring a potential project with Isotropic Design, please feel free to reach out via our contact page. If you have any pressing questions, we would love to answer them to the best of our ability.
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