WooFunnels & Oxygen Make For The Perfect Funnel Marketing Setup

By James LePage
 on June 25, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

WooFunnels & Oxygen Make For The Perfect Funnel Marketing Setup

By James LePage
 on June 25, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

In this article, we will take a look at WooFunnels, a relatively new WordPress/WooCommerce funnel builder, that just released a deep, native integration with Oxygen Builder.

As an agency that uses Oxygen for the majority of our websites, this is a great development.

WooFunnels Oxygen Builder Integration

What’s A Sales Funnel?

Sales funnels are great for a variety of websites. If you are trying to sell a single item, be it physical, digital, of course, or something else, putting them through a funnel sequence will lead to higher conversions, and also give you the opportunity to upsell them.

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We recommend them to our clients if they are trying to sell a single digital product, for example an ebook, or run a website that sells a single physical product. however, if you seriously need the cart functionality, or customers will browse through your website and add multiple items to a cart before checking out, the sales funnel will probably not work well for you.

Marketers have been using sales funnels for many years, but if they used Oxygen Builder to create websites or landing pages, there was no great solution that integrated natively with the tool.

With this new release, WooFunnels becomes the first to seriously integrate directly into the builder, giving you a ton of control over what is shown, how to style it, and the flow that customers will take through your website.

In The Past With Oxygen Builder

Before this integration, we were stuck hacking together sales funnels on Oxygen Builder. There are a number of WordPress plugins that help you create funnels, but many don't work 100% with the builder. Instead, you'll need to either style via CSS, implement manual redirects, paste in PHP snippets from the plugin itself into the builder, and do a ton of other things to make it work well with Oxygen.

That was a shame, because this builder allows us to create incredibly lean and lightweight pages from a code standpoint, making for much quicker loading times, and higher conversions that way.

WooFunnels And Oxygen Builder

With that introduction, we now know that WooFunnels offers a deep native integration with the builder, meaning everything will work 100%, and you'll be able to access all of its features. Let's take a look at the plug in first, and then the integration. By the end of this article, we will see if this tool is good for Oxygen Builder.

PS: if you already know the features that this plug-in has to offer, and want to read about the deep integration with Oxygen Builder, click here to skip to that.

WooFunnels Features

This is a fully featured funnel building solution with several unique capabilities that make it impressive for the price it's offered at.

First, it's very easy to create opt in pages with Oxygen Builder, and the tool also comes with a ton of pre built templates. These are already conversion optimized, can be imported in one single click, and responsive to mobile tablet and desktop.

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After the opt in Page, which is created to introduce the product to the potential customer, they are directly funneled to the conversion optimized checkout page. There are 13 different optimization techniques available to you, and you can edit pretty much every aspect of this in terms of fields and layout.

This is great, as with the normal WooCommerce setup, this would require several plugins or custom code, and not even come close in terms of user experience, or back end ease of creation.

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You can also create order bumps and upsells with specific rulesets. For example, if somebody is from a specific geography, you can offer them a unique upsell.

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The upsells feature is very well done, and can easily be added to an order in one click. You have 18 different rules to work from, and you can create a series of specific offers based on buyer conditions. If you get this right, you can seriously increase the order value by having people add more things to their checkout!

WooFunnels also comes with two additional tools that don't need to be included in a funnel builder, but make a merchant's life a lot easier. The first is an automated follow up engine. This acts exactly like a CRM, but is integrated directly into the platform. With it, you can bring abandoned users back into the funnel, send post purchase sequences, and even generate nurture campaigns in terms of email and SMS.

No need for Mailchimp anymore.

The second additional tool is the customer profiles and analytics. You can view the analytics for your overall checkout experience, for going the annoying to use WooCommerce analytics setup, and you can also view things on a customer profile level. For example, you can see every point of interaction the customer has with the funnel, explore conversion rates for each step, and track revenue per visit to determine profitability.

All of this comes in a very well designed package intended to be as easy to use as possible. This also sits on top of WooCommerce, so you can already be familiar with the back end experience of managing customers, orders, and products.

Also, if you're trying to get started as quickly as possible, you can simply import a complete funnel in one click, swap out the demo content, and get started.

WooFunnels Pricing

Pricing comes in at $179 per year for use on a single site. You get all of the features including unlimited funnels, the checkout pages, ordered bumps, AB testing, and more. For use on up to 25 sites, that'll cost you $254.00 a year, and then to access the CRM features such as automated follow up emails and automated SMS, you'll need to shell out $399 per year.

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This is pricier than many plugins on the market, but for a fully featured funnel builder, we think that this is actually a valuable price point. First, if you're selling high volume items that require funnels to increase conversions, this plugin will pay for itself.

Also, if you compare to other plug-in solutions, and 3rd party solutions, this is actually one of the cheaper options.

A piece of software that we absolutely despise because it costs so much for clients, Clickfunnels, comes in either at $97 per month for 20 finals, or $297 a month for unlimited funnels. That is a monthly price, not annually like WordPress plugins. Crazy… 😲

WooFunnels User Reviews

Standard users, and Oxygen Builder users alike absolutely love this tool.

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Note that these three Facebook vouchers are before the integration that was launched recently.

Let’s talk about that:

WooFunnels Oxygen Builder Integration

On June 22th 2021, WooFunnels released a deep integration with the Oxygen Builder. What that means is virtually every aspect of the WooFunnels WooCommerce checkout creation tool is now accessible and editable in the back end editor.

To capture leads there is a new pop up form element:

Customization options for optin funnel page popup component in Oxygen

You can also choose to embed the form directly on the page, an element of its own. In the editor, you can manage the layout styles, labels, inputs, and buttons.

The conversion optimized landing pages are imported directly into Oxygen Builder as any other design sets are. That means that you can edit virtually every aspect of these pages in Oxygen.

In terms of the check out, this integration adds a checkout form which is a custom component allowing you to customize field width, visibility and more, as well as a mini cart.

While this does integrate with Oxygen, this is managed more from the actual plugin, like so:

Checkout page templates available in WooFunnes

If you want a one step checkout, where customers don't need to leave the page to buy the product, that can also be done in the Oxygen Builder editor. You simply embed the checkout form element directly in the page. One click upsells and offers are also completely editable (as are the thank you pages):

Customize the Sales Funnel's upsell page price component in Oxygen

Why This Is Awesome

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, this feature with a serious funnel building plugin for WordPress was one that we've been waiting for for a while.

But, I also think that this new integration now makes Oxygen Builder a lot more appealing to a much larger segment of the market. Marketers who need to quickly create landing pages with funnel sequences attached can now use this builder to do just that.

They can also make use of the already great features that come with Oxygen, in terms of reusable parts, design sets, and standardized classes.

If you are a marketer looking for a great WordPress funnel builder setup, WooFunnels and Oxygen Builder now offer you an easy, cost effective way to quickly generate landing pages for any company, implement, and revise as needed.

This integration also addresses another major user request: being able to completely customize the checkout experience with WooCommerce. This is big for Oxygen Builder, which has its own WooCommerce checkout elements (though they can’t be manipulated that much, now with this they can), but also great for the greater industry, as we can now use Oxygen and WooFunnels together to customize every aspect of a WooCommerce website, from the home page to the checkout page.


The native Oxygen Builder integration is one of the best that we've seen with any plugin looking to work with the page builder.

By itself, WooFunnels is great, and the level of control that this affords Oxygen Builder users is unparalleled, and to have a completely functional funnel building plugin that natively integrates is very welcome to the ecosystem.

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