Best WordPress Focused Facebook Groups For Pros

By James LePage
 on August 3, 2021
Last modified on January 6th, 2022

Best WordPress Focused Facebook Groups For Pros

By James LePage
 on August 3, 2021
Last modified on January 6th, 2022

When it comes to WordPress you can never stop learning, and Facebook groups are a great place to ask questions and help others. There are several incredible Facebook groups for WordPress professionals that will make your life a lot easier, give you a ton of ideas, suggestions, and support.

This post will list some of our favorite Facebook groups for WordPress.

All of these groups are more for professionals, and don’t answer beginner questions - We like this because it helps us get to information much easier. In these groups, you will find interesting links to education, blog posts, plugin suggestions, code snippets, and the ability to ask and answer questions about PHP and advanced topics in WordPress.

If you’re looking for the best WordPress groups for beginners, we’ve created a separate article dedicated to that. Read it here.

Advanced WordPress

One of the largest WordPress groups on Facebook, advanced WordPress talks about, you guessed it, advanced topics. It's filled with a ton of people who seriously know what they're talking about, and if you have technical questions regarding WordPress or PHP, this group will be your best bet in terms of getting an answer.


This is an awesome free Facebook group attached to the paid WpDevDesign website. They primarily cover topics which the educational website publishes members only tutorials about, but the sheer knowledge in this group is awesome even for those who don't subscribe to this high-quality website.

There are a ton of insightful questions and answers, links to additional resources, and knowledgeable people in this group. It's worth being a part of as you will definitely walk away with something that you didn't know every time you visit it.

Official Oxygen Group

While this Facebook group is the official group for the Oxygen page builder, it isn't entirely dedicated to that. Instead, it's a group of very knowledgeable people who come together to answer questions about all things WordPress. Of course, there is a heavy skew towards questions about the page builder, but if you are a member of this group you will also see a ton of questions and answers about educational resources related to PHP in WordPress, advanced custom fields, and other interesting topics in WordPress.

Even somebody who doesn't own the oxygen page builder will find this group interesting, and with a growing number of people, the questions the better and better. There's also a massive archive of questions that you can simply search through, and you'll learn a lot.


This is our own Facebook group, and we had to include it in this list. The information in this group is more oriented towards professional website designers, and we discuss about all things WordPress as well as running an agency, tools of the trade, and more. Everything is oriented towards WordPress.

What separates our group from others is the depth of knowledge (we invited a ton of our friends who are industry professionals, developers of word press plugins, an agency owners) as well as giveaways of computers, licenses, software, and more when we reach member milestones.


This is a group offered by our friend Mohammed Akram. This group references a lot of the free articles what you can find on the SyncWin website, and Mohammed also posts a ton of resources and LTD deals. We really like the deal aggregation in this group because there is typically discussion about each of the products or services where you can learn more about what the LTD is offering and if it is worth it for you. There are also dozens of resources and industry news articles posted every day, keeping you up-to-date on pretty much everything having to do with WordPress.

Dynamic WordPress

A group created by David McMan, the man behind the WebTNG website, this is an incredibly knowledgeable group discussing all topics related to WordPress. There's a ton of information relating to Paige builders, custom fields plug-ins, WordPress security, and industry news. This is a smallish group, but one that should not be overlooked due to the people in it and the content posted.

WordPress SpeedUp

WordPress SpeedUp is a group that discusses topics on how to make a WordPress website faster. This is a large Facebook group filled with a ton of people, so if you have any questions relating to the speed of a WordPress website, this is the best place to get an answer. It also has a ton of archives, questions, resources, and additional content that makes it a very valuable place for anybody looking to make a fast website.

WordPress Experts

As the name suggests, this is a Facebook group filled with WordPress experts. As the publication of this article, this group has almost 50,000 members in it. These additional members have somewhat diluted the questions, and there are some basic ones here, but there's still a ton of knowledge within this group, making it definitely worth being a part of. This is become very question and answer, where people ask questions, and experts answer pretty quickly. So it's a great place to learn and get support.

We hope that this article helped you in your search for the best Facebook groups for WordPress professionals. If you have any additional groups that you think would benefit the readers of this article feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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