The Best WordPress Social Media Plugins in 2024

By James LePage
 on June 7, 2022

The Best WordPress Social Media Plugins in 2024

By James LePage
 on June 7, 2022

WordPress is one of the world's largest free CMS, or Content Management Systems solutions available today for both personal and commercial users alike. With WordPress, it is possible to create a robust, dynamic, unique website for blogging, sharing photos, connecting with others, or even selling physical and digital goods.

If you are using WordPress or if you are thinking of investing in a CMS that is right for your website, you may be wondering what type of plugins are available and how you can integrate social media with your website's preferred platform.

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With the use of WordPress, it is possible to integrate thousands of free and premium plugins, including WordPress social media plugins that can help your users to connect with preferred social media platforms while browsing your site or even share comments while logged into a preferred social media app of their choice.

Knowing some of the best WordPress social media plugins of 2024 can help you to determine which plugins are right for your site and which plugins are likely to help with increasing overall visitors and engagement on your site. 

The Best WordPress Social Media Plugins

Finding the best WordPress social media plugins available today required a bit of digging into both free and premium solutions that are available today. While one social media plugin may be extremely useful to one user, it may be irrelevant to another. Consider the audience you wish to reach as well as the type of features you are interested in for your website before choosing a social media plugin that is right for your WordPress page or site.

Some of our favorite WordPress social media plugins on this list include:

  • Shared Counts 
  • Smash Balloons
  • Uncanny Automator
  • Nextend Social Login
  • RafflePress
  • MonsterInsights 

Shared Counts

If you're searching for a way to allow your users to automatically share content and updates you post to your website, you can do so with the Shared Counts WordPress plugin. Shared Counts is a free easy-to-use plugin for WordPress that allows users to share any page, post, or piece of content you upload to your WordPress site with just a few clicks. 


With Shared Counts, it is possible to automatically insert the social sharing button(s) on all of the pages and pieces of content you choose to upload to your site immediately. You can also choose to insert the social sharing button before the content appears or after your content, depending on the layout of your website and the method in which you wish to attract engagement and clicks. There is also support for custom post types for those who are working with a custom WordPress layout and theme. 

Showing the number of shares with an automatic counter can increase engagement even more while also helping to promote your existing content to new visitors on your site. Currently, it is possible to integrate Shared Counts with the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Yummly
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Email

A share count total is also included with Share Counts as well as a Print button for those who may be interested in printing the content on your page.  

Pricing: Currently, Shared Counts is completely free to use and accessible to all users who are working on a WordPress site.

Smash Balloon Instagram/Twitter Feed Plugin

Smash Balloon's social feed plugin has become an increasingly popular plugin for WordPress users throughout all industries, from photography and writing to eCommerce and modeling. If you have an Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube feed that you would like to integrate into your own WordPress layout and website, it has never been easier to do so than with the Smash Balloon WordPress plugin. 


Smash Balloon provides users with a powerful visual editor to help with organizing and managing social media feeds based on the current layout you are using with your recent WordPress installation. With Smash Balloon, it is also possible to choose from a wide range of prebuilt and premade layouts for your preferred social media feeds to better integrate with the current color schemes and themes you are using. 

Smash Balloon also supports smart data loading, optimization of loading feeds, optimized images, and background requests to keep your feed streamlined and without lag at all times. In addition to optimization features, Smash Balloon also offers an SEO, or search engine optimization booster that helps website spiders and crawlers to crawl your social media feeds, even when they are embedded with the use of a WordPress plugin. 

Pricing: Unfortunately, while Smash Balloon is robust and comes with a wide range of features, it is not free to use. For those who are interested in integrating just one social media feed (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube), the cost of Smash Balloon is $49 per year USD. If you are interested in an all-access deal that provides the use of all social media platforms and feeds, the cost of a Smash Balloon subscription is $249 annually. 

Uncanny Automator

If automation is key to running your business, don't sleep on Uncanny Automator. Connecting existing apps and plugins to WordPress can quickly become taxing and overwhelming, especially if you have other tasks and jobs to focus on. When you want to streamline all of the actions your users take on your website or how your current applications interact with one another when engaged, you can do so with ease with the use of the Uncanny Automator plugin.


Uncanny Automator helps to eliminate manual labor for managing routine tasks while simultaneously helping users to save money by preventing the need to hire contractors and third parties for help. From generating responses and actions each time a visitor accesses your website to providing special access to certain areas of your website for registered or premium users, the options are virtually endless and limitless with Uncanny Automator.

Currently, Uncanny Automator is compatible with more than 80 popular WordPress plugins and apps with more than 400 triggers to choose from that can be launched anytime on your website. 

Pricing: Uncanny Automator is available in three price ranges. A Pro account with Uncanny Automator will run you $149 annually, but provides support for 1 site and premium support. A Business account with Uncanny Automator runs $249 each year with the support of up to 10 websites. If you own an agency or are looking for an unlimited solution, Uncanny Automator is also available with unlimited website support for $399 annually.

Nextend Social Login

Are you looking for a plugin that will allow your visitors to quickly login or create an account on your own website? If so, Nextend Social Login may be just what you need to get started. The Nextend Social Login plugin for WordPress is free, fast, and extremely convenient when it comes to streamlining the process of having users register, enroll, or sign up on any website.


The hassle of registering a username with a website today is enough to turn users away, especially if the registration process requires more than a few clicks or a few seconds. With the use of Nextend Social Login, streamline the login process of your users while also providing them with the ability to quickly connect one of their existing social media profiles and accounts to your website without a hassle. 

With Nextend Social Login, you can easily integrate a variety of existing social media platforms without hiring a third-party programmer or developer to get the job done. Additionally, the Nextend Social Login plugin is also completely customizable, so you can choose which applications and social media platforms are displayed on your own site. Some of the available social login providers that are compatible with Nextend Social Login include:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • LinkedIn
  • Amazon
  • PayPal
  • Github
  • WordPress
  • Disqus
  • Yahoo!
  • Slack
  • TikTok
  • Discord
  • Line
  • VKontakte
  • WooCommerce 

Pricing: With Nextend Social Login, there are both free and premium versions available to choose from, depending on your own needs and plugin preferences. For those interested in the free version of Nextend Social Login, you will receive:

  • All features (essential features)
  • Up to 3 providers that users can connect to
  • WordPress login integration support

For 1 website, the paid version of Nextend Social Login is $49 per month. Premium versions of Nextend are also available for those interested in supporting 3, 5, and 10 websites with the plugin simultaneously. Paid users will receive WooCommerce integration, access to all social media platforms and providers, one-time payment solutions, lifetime updates, and in some cases, premium priority support. 


RafflePress is one of the most entertaining and fun WordPress plugins available for those who enjoy hosting contests and giveaways on their site or with the use of their preferred social media platforms. RafflePress is a tool designed to help increase engagement, interactions, and even the growth of website traffic and email newsletter subscribers through the use of giveaways, contests, and virtual raffles. 


RafflePress is designed with easy accessibility in mind, providing a built-in drag and drop giveaway builder, premade viral giveaway templates, and responsive mobile-friendly widget solutions that are compatible with all WordPress layouts and templates. Included with RafflePress are 1-click entry solutions with built-in fraud protection in addition to social and viral sharing features to increase the spread and online visibility. Integrate RafflePress with just about any social media platform(s) of your choice once you implement RafflePress onto your own WordPress site.

Pricing: RafflePress does not currently have a free version, although it does offer annual plans that are affordable for those working on one site. If you have 1 website and wish to use RafflePress, you can do so for $39.50 each year. For those who have 3 websites and wish to use email integrations, polls, and surveys, the Pro package from RafflePress is available for $99.50 each year. Businesses and agencies who require giveaway and contest support for up to 20 sites can do so with RafflePress' Growth package for $199.50 each year.

For those interested in a lifetime membership with access to all services with lifetime updates, the Ultimate RafflePass package is available for a one-time fee of $499.50. 


Data and analytics matter, especially in 2022. If capturing real-time analytics and eCommerce reports matter to you, MonsterInsights may be the WordPress plugin you need. MonsterInsights offers universal website tracking and updated Google Analytics 4 support with a real-time Google Analytics dashboard built-in.


Monitor page-level analytics, affiliate links, ads, and even eCommerce sales, downloads, and traffic with enhanced eCommerce tracking features. Seamlessly track various plugins that can be easily integrated with MonsterInsights, including:

  • WooCommerce
  • WP Forms
  • Yoast
  • Amp
  • Gravity
  • Memberpress
  • EasyDigitalDownloads
  • Pretty Links
  • Google Optimize
  • Formidable
  • Google AdSense 

Pricing: Using MonsterInsights will cost you a minimum of $99.50 per year for the Plus version of the plugin. This includes support for 1 website. For those who have up to 5 websites, MonsterInsights is available for $199.50 annually with the Pro Plan. Anyone interested in using MonsterInsights while managing up to 25 sites will benefit from the Agency plan, for $399.50 each year. 


While there are many amazing and impressive WordPress social media plugins available today, there are a few that truly stand out above the rest. Our favorite WordPress plugins for social media are as follows:

Nextend Social Login: With a free version available, it's hard to pass this plugin up, regardless of the type of website you are building or running. Nextend Social Login helps streamline your visitor's experience while increasing engagement and overall registrations. 

Shared Counts: Another favorite of ours is Shared Counts due to its ability to be accessed free of charge and its ability to seamlessly increase engagement by showcasing social shares just about anywhere, 

Understanding what type of social media plugins you have available at your disposal when working with WordPress is extremely beneficial when it comes to building a website and expanding your online reach. The right plugins can significantly increase the overall engagement, views, and shares you receive on your website, which will directly impact and affect the overall success your website is capable of achieving online. 

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