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Migration Time If Warranted

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From Inception To Completion

The Problem

Elementor is one of the world’s largest page builder solutions for WordPress. It is immensely popular, and a plug-in that we use on many client websites to allow them to edit their pages after a project is complete. The plug-in offers a visual way to manipulate HTML and CSS code in a way that generates very clean, quick, and responsive websites.

Due to the popularity of the plug-in, there are of course many questions regarding features ranging from beginner and basics, to developer oriented issues.  There are several platforms where people can ask and answer Elementor questions, but many of these are not moderated and offer a poor user experience. Isotropic set out to create a platform in which seasoned Elementor experts can share their knowledge with those who have questions, resulting in a positive relationship and outcome.

The Isotropic agency is generating money questions and answers and pointing our clients to this website. We hope that it will grow in the future to include a flourishing community of Elementor users.

What We Focused On

We focused on building an expandable platform that multiple users could register too, and answer each other’s questions. Due to the expected popularity of the platform, We built it to work with many users, expand in the future, and stop spam in its tracks. We did this by incorporating recaptcha technologies, redundant databases and scalable cloud hosting. 

We also built the website to be highly seo-friendly, which was allowed to rank on Google. This means when anybody who has a question searches in an engine, our website should show up.

Our search uses Ajax to query the most relevant entries. The platform also has a social element, users can follow users, and request answers from specific individuals. Users can even build a profile page.

The Final Product

The final product was a well-designed, highly expandable platform where people can share their knowledge. The platform can grow very rapidly in both size and user ship, which is a necessity when working on growing a company.  Included, is an auto linking technology that will direct users to the most relevant products and blog posts related to Elementor. We included  a dynamic spreadsheet created by Airtable, which categorizes essential Elementor resources in a visually pleasing manner.

We used our own solution from IsoForms for the contact page, which is a conversational form similar to the typeform offering.

Users from across the world can register on our website, and answer and ask questions about Elementor. If you have Elementor, we recommend you check it out. If you're looking for what our agency can do for you, and need a website built for a large user base, with expandability built in, we feel that this is a great example of what we can do for you.

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