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Fivecat Studios

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Fivecat Studio Architecture

Fivecat Studios is a leading architecture firm in Westchester County, NY, with a focus on high end residential design.

Their previous website was designed in 2006, and outdated by 12 years. It used an all HTML design, which made it difficult to navigate, and not responsive to the browser size. Fivecat felt that they were loosing leads by not maintaining a modern website.


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The Problem

The original Fivecat website was built in 2006, and by 2017, it was time for an update. Built on Adobe Flash, the site was not SEO friendly, tough to update, and looked outdated — not an image that Westchester’s premiere high end residential architecture firm wanted to portray.

Adobe Flash is an out dated, insecure, unsupported content management system. Websites built with it have that distinct 2008 design style. Adobe, the maker of the product is discontinuing their support for it in 2020, and major browsers such as Chrome and Safari block the website and display an insecure content warning.

What We Focused On

The goals of the project were simple: Create a site that displayed their robust portfolio (with the ability to easily add more in the future), and generate leads.

We began by migrating around 30 multifaceted portfolio items from the old website. We had to do this manually: the site was so old, our web scraping software couldn’t recognize various aspects.

We also worked with the Architects to generate several more portfolio entries.

The website framework was developed, with an emphasis on the portfolio photography, to which we imported the portfolio items. We also imported the site content, and worked with the client to update it.

The end result was a beautiful and functional website that allowed the studio to showcase their work, while generating leads.

We took a massively outdated site, and refreshed it with a clean, modern design.

We boosted the lead generation, SEO, and usability of the site. The new WordPress based site can be expanded upon in the future, and our Portfolio Management Tools make it easy for the architects to add new portfolio listings.

For any company, ranking #1 on Google is the ultimate digital goal. With a high ranking, you’ll beat competition and generate more leads.

Because we designed the website with this in mind, we did even better. Not only did we get a #1 SEO ranking, we were able to get sublinks. This builds credibility, and in our experience, only 20% of site ranking have this on Google.

Fivecat ranks #1 on Google, with sublinks.
Google Lighthouse SEO scores Fivecat's SEO 90/100

Fivecat’s old website had large amounts of content that was difficult to migrate. Because of its old design, Scrapers could only gleam 20% of the info from the site, so the remaining 90% needed to be moved by hand. Without us, this would have taken hours of Fivecat Studio’s time.

We incorporated our Portfolio Management Tool into the Fivecat website which automatically generates subpages based on portfolio categories, enables organization via tags and categories (with unlimited subcategories), and lets users easily add and remove listings.

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