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Gābl Media

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Expandable website for a growing media network

Gābl is a multimedia network that empowers global leaders in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. We built a website for them that is highly expandable, displays their shows and podcasts (syndicated), has a super intuitive backend based on a highly customized version of WordPress and is hosted on highly scalable infrastructure. The goal of the company was to build a website that was highly expandable for future growth, and we achieved this with the Gābl Media website.

The Problem

Gābl Media is a new offering from Gābl Technologies, Inc., the same team behind the powerhouse brand EntreArchitect. The company was launched in January 2020 with a mission to empower AEC industry leaders to share their knowledge with the world. They create media for global leaders in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries.

The company needed an expandable digital platform to distribute audio and video content that informs and entertains a vibrant community dedicated to building a better world.

As a new company, there was no existing web presence, so they needed a highly SEO optimized solution to rank on Google as quickly as possible. They also had the unique requirements of a highly scalable website (in terms of bandwidth and views) and a super user friendly backend, so the team could add new shows and media contents as they are launched.

What We Focused On

We focused on building an extremely expandable website that was able to grow with the company. Gābl Media expects to drastically expand their show offerings in to coming years, so creating a website that could mirror this growth was a necessity.

What we did to ensure this:

-Syndication from dedicated media hosting providers

-Hosting with DigitalOcean via Cloudways

-Integrated CDN to deliver even with traffic spikes

-Custom post types

-Highly customized and intuitive backend

The Final Product

The final product was a highly responsive, Search Engine Optimized, and expandable website. In the frontend, visitors can quickly access Gābl's growing collection of shows. They can choose to listen to them from the website, access them via a collection of third party services, or subscribe to a RSS feed. They can also offer feedback and search show archives.

A collection of frontend website elements.

We designed the website to incorporate a members functionality. Gābl offers a yearly subscription to exclusive content, so we created a membership registration management system, payment processing tool, and member only pages.

The website is accessible for all types of users (members, Admins, subscribers...) via a single, custom login page. Depending on who they are, upon successful login, they're redirected to specific pages.

Single login screen.

On the backend, we built a completely customized version of WordPress for the Gābl team. From it, they can add new shows/media, manage members and respond to contact/sponsorship requests. They can also edit every aspect of static (page) content via a visual builder.

We incorporated the CloudwaysCDN, a delivery network that integrates with our choice hosting provider, Cloudways. This combination of CDN and hosting will be able to handle massive traffic spikes, and scale as the website grows in popularity and size. This premium solution also directly leads to the site's stellar speeds.

Performance wise, the website is extremely quick. It scores a 95+ on Google PageSpeed Insights, 93 (A) on PingDom and 100% and 96% on the two GTMetrix scores, respectively.

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