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A SEO optomized, payment processing, credibility building, responsive website that drives results.

Isotropic Design was contracted by Gamechanger, LLC, a tutoring referral service, to build a new website.

We worked with the clients to identify aspects of their existing website to improve upon and isolated a vision for a new website through questionnaires, mockups and interviews. From this, a complex website architecture was created, one that would allow for a fully featured blog, dozens of “services” sub-pages and a multiple integrated payment solutions. We also modernized their logo and crafted a design standard for the brand.


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The Problem

The existing Gamechanger site was a self-designed website that needed to be updated. Created by the founders of the company 4 years ago, the original website was not mobile responsive, hard to navigate, and not SEO friendly.

Major issues included an insecure design which resulted in the website being hacked, blog posts that weren’t SEO friendly, and an overall design that didn’t match the brands professionalism and stellar customer service. Furthermore, customers who needed to pay for their tutoring lessons did so through a form that redirected to PayPal – something that didn’t inspire consumer confidence, offer advanced analytics, and allow customers to review prior payments.

The existing webhost was slow, costly and offered poor customer service. Gamechanger needed to migrate from it to a new host, a process that would included moving 50+ email addresses and thousands of rows of database entries.

The Gamechanger founders noticed these problems through anecdotal and statistical evidence and contracted Isotropic to build a new site and remedy these issues.

What We Focused On

For the Gamechanger project there were a few categories that we focused on:

Blog posts that were automatically optimized for SEO

Our clients wanted to focus on inbound marketing, and the best way to do this was by ranking content on Google. We built a system that applied templates to the posts and included a solution that would automatically optimize the post by generating meta descriptions for Google, offering content suggestions and generating Sitemaps and markups.

A user friendly backend

We wanted our clients to be able to quickly and easily update every aspect of content on the website, from services pages, to blog posts to homepage content. We built a custom WordPress backend that offered clients an easy way to do this, and educated them on how to use it through video tutorials and an easy documentation.

Payment processing systems

Gamechangers customers and tutors needed a way to pay through the site. We made a custom solution that allowed for multiple types of payments and routed everything through PayPal.

Advanced, yet easy to use analytics

From the payments, our clients needed ways to identify metrics such as monthly revenue, how much individual tutors were making, and how much customers were paying. We included a system that allowed for all of this and did it in a user friendly way.

Website Speed

The website needed to be quick. We included Caching solutions, optimized images and ran a complete SpeedOpp service to make this large website load as quickly as possible.

The final product was a website that included a host of features and functions, on both the frontend and the backend. We used WordPress to create this website.

On the frontend, there are several features and systems to note. We built a custom "tutor payment" dashboard, which allowed clients to pay individual tutors after a tutoring session. We also created a dashboard for tutors, where they could submit payment directly to Gamechanger.

Tutor Payment is calculated automatically, then routed through PayPal
Tutor landing page.

We focused specifically on building a SEO optimized blog post template that would be applied automatically to any post published by the website owner. We also built numerous custom post types, like "Services" that allowed visitors to understand what Gamechanger had to offer. The website froms were designed to send messages to both the submitter and the website admin, integrate with CRMs and send their notifications through STMP.

Because of the 3 user groups who needed access to the website, we created a uniqe login page that conditionally redirected to group specific dashboards. For example, customers who log in to the site are redirected to a dashboard where they can pay tutors and review previous orders. Tutors who log in are redirected to a custom dashboard that allows for payment to Gamechanger. We also hardened the login to prevent brute force hacks with multiple plugin solutions and Google's reCAPTCHA product.

On the backend we offered the website owners custom designed interfaces to quickly and easily update content pages, blog posts and additional website text. They can also review form entries, manage users and more.

Because a major aspect of the site was payment processing, we included an advanced analytics solution on the backend that allowed the owners to see monthly revenue. We set up the payment system in a way that allowed for individual statistics on how much customers were paying, who they were paying, and how frequently they were doing so. The depth of the data will allow Gamechanger to continuously refine their offerings and better their business. We also included Google Analytics, which allows for visitor counts, source tracking, and advertising camping ROI calculations.

We included a complete Cache solution with the WPRocket plugin and Cloudflare for speed and security. We were able to achieve page loading speeds of about 2 seconds and high Pingdom scores.

Pingdom Homepage Load Time Of 1.57s
Google Pagespeed Ranking Of 90/100

When moving from the existing host to the new host, we were presented with an issue. Some email addresses needed to be routed to GSuite inboxes, which offered a premium experience and additional services such as Google docs, and some email addresses needed to be routed to server-based inboxes, which had no monthly cost. We worked on creating a "split delivery" solution which allowed us to point some addresses at Google MX servers, and some to the webhost servers. This solution saved roughly $450 in monthly email hosting costs (50+ emails were routed to webhost servers). To implement it, we incorporated custom Sender Policy Framework records, routing rules and more.

The final product was a website that ranks high on Google, processes and categorizes payments from multiple user groups, generates leads and offers it's owners an intuitive backend that allows for content editing and offers advanced analytics.

A relationship driven website creation company.


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