A total redesign for an authority website that garners over 700,000 views per month.
Over the course of four months, Isotropic designed, developed, and launched the HomeTheaterReview website, a digital magazine that garners around 1 million page views per month.
This major project had three main features, a dealer directory, the general blog/news, and a holiday gift guide.
The general blog and new section of the website was created to be highly visible on Google search, integrate with Apple news, and be easy to read and share.
Dealer Directory
The dealer directory is a complete directory tool that lists all home theater dealers in the United States. Dealers can claim their listings for a price, which monetizes the system, and the back and management of each listing is quick and easy.
Gift Guide
The holiday gift guide was built to integrate with the existing websites affiliate marketing software, while also being self-contained for a consistent reading experience.
The original website was built on MoveableType and had dozens of SEO issues, an incredibly low page speed score, and was difficult to use for the editorial staff behind the publication. The owners of HomeTheaterReview decided to modernize their operation by moving to WordPress, and incorporating Oxygen Builder for its low bloat, high degree of control, and reusable parts.
All design and development was done in house. We identified and created a set of brand guidelines, and developed the website according to them.
We built out a custom post structure advanced custom fields that accurately matched the structure that Movable Type was using, ensuring that all blog posts (dating back to 1990s) would be visible and reachable on the new WordPress website.

We imported roughly 7000 individual blog posts, 500 dealers into the dealer directory, and expect to import thousands of additional content items in the months to come.

We installed a solution that automatically imported dozens of affiliate products from various sources, compiles them into a single post, and published them on the front end of the website.

We also made use of a plugin called Ajax Load More throughout the website, meaning that users won’t have to refresh pages to view additional content. This can be found throughout the single post (which if you continue to scroll will load a new one), the individual product and post categories, and on the homepage.

We worked to make this website as profitable as possible, placing dynamic ads throughout, refreshing on the Ajax load more, and more.

The website was built with scale in mind, as the dealer directory is expected to grow rapidly, and the team behind the publication consistently adds 1 to 2 posts per day. We are incredibly proud to have designed and developed this authority website, and truly enjoyed the project. There were dozens of unforeseen challenges which our staff were able to address and fix wholeheartedly.

The end result was a highly visible, modern website built with the Oxygen Builder. Content can easily be added and created from existing posts, products, and more. Monetization is done through advertising, affiliate marketing, and the dealer directory.

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