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Marc S. Miller

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Our client was a commercial real estate agent in NYC who also produced stunning, colorful, eye catching abstract art. He needed a simple website to showcase this work to potential customers and art galleries.

We created a website with frontend viability and backend usability in mind. The website could be updated by our client quickly and easily. This was essential as he scans new pieces and puts them up on the website as soon as they are completed. The site is mobile responsive and SEO Ranking. We also included e-commerce capability (WooCommerce with a PayPal integration) and a connection to a print-on-demand service called Printful, which would allow our client to quickly monetize prints (not just originals) if he chose to do so.

The result was a snappy & simple website that showcases our clients colorful work. Our client can add content as needed, sell prints/originals and market his work online. All work is copy protected via a disabled right click and automatic watermarking.

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