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Salem Fence

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We created a lead generating masterpiece for on of the Northeast's largest fence installation companies.

Salem Fence Company is one of the northeast’s premiere fence installation companies, doing business for over 50 years. The company has grown from one truck in the Bronx, to 25 trucks today and over 40 employees.


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The Problem

The existing website was based on wix, owner created, and not generating any leads for Salem Fence. It was time to improve their web presence.

What We Focused On

In mid February 2019, Isotropic Design was contracted to create a new website for Salem Fence Co. Inc, and migrate the content from their existing website.

We quickly created a quote for our project, and set a 3-week turnaround deadline. The existing website was built on Wix and had several problems. It wasn’t responsive, so the content was cut off on the sides. On loading, the website called up all images and content from the server, which lead to a long loading time. Images used the WebP format, which didn’t work on some browsers.

We began by recreating the page structure from the Wix Site in a Live Development Site Environment, using WordPress as our CMS.

We manually migrated all text and descriptions from Wix into the new development environment. Consulting with Salem Fence Co, we created a new, 50-year brand strategy, which included typography, refreshed logos, a 50-year badge and several other assets which would be displayed on the new website.

The new website included a portfolio management system, which we imported the 743 existing portfolio items into.

Wix doesn’t give users a way to export images (as a way to retain users). As a result, we built a custom website scraper, which downloaded all website images onto our servers, which we then migrated to the new website.

After populating the website with the text, pages and portfolio items, we finished up our project by completely optimizing the website for speed and search engine ranking.

In three weeks, we made a dysfunctional website into a stunning, search engine optimized lead generator.

We migrated a massive amount of content from a locked down Wix site into a WordPress based website, which incorporates a user friendly backend management system.

The new WordPress site is expandable; we can add on new features as needed, faster to load, and designed to create leads.


For any company, ranking #1 on Google is the ultimate digital goal. With a high ranking, you’ll beat competition and generate more leads.

Because we designed the website with this in mind, we did even better. Not only did we get a #1 SEO ranking, we were able to get sublinks. This builds credibility, and in our experience, only 20% of site ranking have this on Google.

#1 SEO

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Migration and Management

Salem Fence has around 750 separate portfolio listings. On the previous website, there was no way to organize them, and it was difficult to manage them from the back end.

We incorporated our Portfolio Management Tool into the Salem Fence website which automatically generates subpages based on portfolio categories, enables organization via tags and categories (with unlimited subcategories), and lets users easily add and remove listings.

Pingdom Rankings

We use Pingdom, an industry standard tool, to measure website speed, size and ranking. We increased the Pingdom ranking from a D to a High B by optimizing our site design and CMS for speed and usability.

Old Pingdom
New Pingdom

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