A brand new clothing company with viral success.
A brand new company, we created a website that could handle the traffic that comes with viral success, and convert visitors into loyal customers.
Unfolded is a single product company, so we created a site designed to funnel visitors to the product page as soon as possible. All pages are created to showcase the product and inspire conversion.
We built a very visual experience that focuses on showcasing the product being used in multiple outfits and situations.

The Unfolded Site was unique in that the majority of traffic comes from Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. Over 90% of visitors access it from a Mobile Device, so ensuring that it was responsive and easy to use was our top priority.

We created a digital experience that looks good on both mobile and desktop screens. When designing and developing this project, we took a mobile first approach, designing and building from a 480 pixel width out. This insured that we got the experience in user flow right for the most used version of the responsive website.

This project included a ton of QA testing, as well as session recording and heat map analysis to make it as easy as possible for a visitor to get to the product page, add it to the cart, and check it out.

The website uses WooCommerce, WordPress, and Oxygen Builder to create a completely customized and fast loading ecommerce store, focused on conversions. The checkout process uses Ajax, address autofill, and a clean design to ensure that checking out on a mobile device is as smooth as possible. We also integrated it with Stripe payments, as well as Apple Pay,


Because the digital store consistently goes viral, leading to massive spikes in traffic where there are hundreds or even thousands of individual visitors on a page at one time, we had to focus on being lean in the design, efficient with our resource usage, and choose a robust enough host and content delivery network to ensure that the website remains functional during these anomalies.

To choose the proper hardware setup, we experimented with dozens of companies, multiple configurations, and ran load testing with K6 to make sure there were no issues before going live.

A relationship driven website creation company.


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