Wellbel -
Physician Formulated Supplements

A major migration from Shopify to WooCommerce for Wellbel, a multimillion dollar supplement businuess. Website built with Oxygen framework, and client editable. Incorporated complete rebranding, provided by Farynheight Studio. Complex subscription functionality with a unique customer portal.
As part of the project, Isotropic built the website to SpeedOpp standards, and optimized it to ensure the quickest possible loading experience. The end result was an "A" grade on GTmetrix, 100% performance, 92-94% structure, and almost perfect web vitals. The website takes 1.6s to completely load the homepage, and 1.7s to completely load the product page.
Additional Features Include...
Affiliate Platform
Affiliates have access to a powerful backend platform, natively integrated with the Wellbel site, to recommend the products to friends and followers.
Subscription Management
Users can easily manage subscriptions in their account dashboard (ie change shipment date, skip next shipment, put shipment on hold...), and shop managers can apply additional rules and settings from the backend.
Fulfillment Integration
The Wellbel WooCommerce installation integrates directly with Shipbob, a fulfillment platform, automatically pushing and shipping customer orders.

Isotropic migrated Wellbel from Shopify to WooCommerce, a more powerful platform that allowed the company to leverage lower cost payment providers, a robust subscription tool, and direct integration with Shipbob, an E-Commerce fulfillment platform.

The migration consisted of moving roughly 3,000 subscriptions, preserving the card and customer information (meaning no manual renewals or lapse in service), 15,000 customers and 30,000 orders to WooCommerce, with no disruption to customers.

Wellbel had worked with another consultant, refreshing their existing presence into a modern and trendy brand and online presence. Isotropic took these concepts and built them into a functional WooCommerce website that loads quickly and converts visitors.

The frontend was built with Oxygen, making for an easy way for clients to update and add content.

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