WPX WordPress Hosting Review: Ethics, Speed & Support

By James LePage
 on January 23, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

WPX WordPress Hosting Review: Ethics, Speed & Support

By James LePage
 on January 23, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

In this review, we are going to be taking a look at the WPX Hosting offering. This company claims to offer the fastest managed hosting experience, incredible support, and solid features bundled into the main service like free site speed optimization, a CDN, malware detection, and site fixes if it goes down. Let's take a look at this company, the offering, the features, the pricing, and more.

WPX hosting

This review is one of six, covering some of the best performance oriented WordPress hosting companies, and utilizing several industry standard speed tests to understand the quality of the service. For more information and a comparison of all these hosting companies, read this article. All testing was completed in late 2020 / early 2021.

Intro To WPX Hosting: The Company

WPX Hosting is a company that is primarily oriented for individuals or companies who need to host a WordPress website that is incredibly quick to load, but also one access to managed services. Because of that, they boast a 30 second average support response time by a WordPress expert who can usually get it fixed.

Unlike many other WordPress hosting companies, this one is really unique. The people behind it are real humans, and this is presented as just a part of the company on their website. Founded by Terry Kyle, He uses the income that this company generates to offer direct action on homeless dog welfare with their own nonprofit foundation.

He also stresses the quality of the service that WPX HOSTING has to offer, In terms of performance, comparison to competitors, and support quality.

Of course, we had to put it to the test.

Features Of WPX Hosting

The main 2 selling points of this company are the performance benefits and high quality support. Everything about the platform is oriented towards a WordPress website that loads incredibly quickly for the end visitor. It starts with the custom CDN that WPX Hosting built from the ground up.

The hardware and software augments this with SSD storage, Litespeed technology, free SSL, and more.

They also use the profit that they generate to donate a portion to their own charity:

A feature that not many hosting companies offer is Australian based locations. Australia is a large market for WordPress hosting, but they are also incredibly neglected by many European and United States based companies. Because of that, they either need to use smaller companies based in Australia who may offer subpar support and hardware, opt for offshore hosting which isn't as fast because it simply isn't geographically close to their visitors, or try something else out.

WPX Hosting has an Australian location, meaning that things are going to be very quick for you and your customers if you are based in that country.

Aside from the speed, the other main selling point of WPX Hosting is the incredibly fast support. Their unofficial motto is lightning fast hosting, but even faster support, and when we experimented with this platform for about a month, this was definitely the case. Support agents were incredibly helpful, we were able to get a demo website migrated to the platform within several hours, and with all of our questions (including being asked in the dead of night), we spoke with a live support agent who actually knew how to resolve our issues.

WPX Hosting Pricing

The company operates on a simple three tier pricing model which is primarily limited by the number of websites, amount of storage, and bandwidth that can be accessed. The smallest plan comes in at $20 a month when paid annually, and gives you access to five individual websites, 10 gigabytes of storage, and 100 gigabytes of bandwidth. This is enough for smaller local businesses in our opinion.

The professional plan comes in at $41.00 per month, and offers you 15 websites, 20 gigabytes of storage and 200 gigabytes of bandwidth.

The elite plan comes in at $83 a month, and gives you access to 35 websites, 40 gigabytes of storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

And for free, they offer one click WordPress installations, daily malware scanning and removal, incredible support, staging areas, free SSLs, the custom CDN, three primary locations, 28 day automatic backups, and 99.95% uptime guaranteed.

Finally, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, with no questions asked. We actually ended up using this because we only wanted to test out this platform, and it really was no questions asked. The refund was processed in under a day. Everything about WPX Hosting is incredibly quick.

The Platform (Usability and Design)

In our opinion, the platform is actually a negative to this offering. We really don't like the design. But, with that said it is relatively easy to use and understand, and if you have any issues the support which we discuss in the next section will definitely be able to help you out.

Here, you can see the website management panel.

This is the DNS.

For the individual website, we can manage the domain, various PHP settings, email, and redirects, from a pretty simple to understand panel. Again, if there are any issues, contacting the live chat support will get it resolved immediately.

On the front end, you can easily get to whatever database you need. They also have PHPMyAdmin to manage the databases.

Here you can see the custom back end where we can easily manage all of our files without having to use a FTP client. This is not a cpanel based environment as the company feels that that adds too much weight to the back end. And in our opinion, it will slow down the website.

WPX Hosting Support

Now, let's take a look at the support that this company has to offer which is our favorite aspect of WPX Hosting. Response time was as advertised, and we had a knowledgeable agent speaking with us within a couple of seconds.

If you take a look at the response time for this query that we had, it took about 3 minutes for our agent too make a specific request so we could accurately test the speed of our website (with industry tools that look like bots – ie. The security that WPX offers works as advertised).

This was only one of many instances where we took advantage of the incredible support, knowledge that the agents had, and response times. Everything was resolved as quickly as possible, and if we were managing the server ourselves, we probably couldn't even have done it as quickly.

WPX Hosting Performance Testing

Aside from support, the main selling proposition of this company is the performance. So, we needed to test it out, and we did so by migrating a cloned copy of a client website that we built, ready for production, and testing it on their servers. Keep in mind, these statistics are arbitrary, the website was not completely optimized for speed, and you should really only use these to compare with other hosts that used the same website copy to test. With that being said, the outcome was very good.


With the page speed test, the first contentful paint was above average, while the rest of the statistics were on part with other hosts.


The performance report displayed great numbers, with a least contentful paint of 1.5 seconds, a total blocking time of 209 milliseconds, and relatively good server statistics.

Here we can see that WPX Hosting utilizes the HTTP 2 connection method, pushing all requests at once, which is a very quick method of data transfer.

And finally, the browser timings were average. The connection time was 84 milliseconds, decent, and the back end time was 82 milliseconds. Our time to 1st byte was 166 milliseconds, better than most.

WPX Hosting Review Conclusion

The best way to describe the WPX Hosting company is ethical.

This company is incredibly ethical, transparent, and lets you know what they have to offer, why other offerings aren't as good, and where your money is going. In terms of the quality of the product and support, it's everything that is advertised and more. You can't really understand the speed of the support, until you begin using it. Even then, if you haven't used many other webhosts before, you won't understand the significance of a 30 second response time by an expert who actually knows how to fix your issue.

The speed and performance is definitely as advertised. For managed hosting, it's one of the fastest in the industry, which is definitely due to their custom CDN and solid hardware as well as server configuration.

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