Editors note: We do not accept guest posts. We only work with authors who are experts in the topics that they write about.

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Write for Isotropic and get paid for it. Are you an experienced web developer, designer, UI/UX pro, agency owner, or digital entrepreneur?
We pay between USD $50 and $150+ per article, depending on the length/topic/quality.
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We're excited that you'd like to write for Isotropic. Before pitching us, please read these guidelines in full!

Isotropic is a content company that offers high quality education related to WordPress, web design and digital business. Our publication has full time authors, who are also employees of our agency, The Isotropic Agency. We also work with a collection of talented authors, who joined our company by submitting a pitch on this very page :).

Isotropic, LLC is looking to bring on authors of all experiences. Regardless if you’re a junior developer or full stack engineer, you have something to share. Why not write on a platform with an existing audience and share your knowledge with the world?

What We're Looking For

You'll notice that our content falls under WordPress, development, and other related topics. We're looking for people with real-world experience to create resources that offer value to our readership. Here are our main guidelines for content submissions:

  1. Posts are created for WordPress developers and digital professionals. Our main audience falls under this umbrella, but we're relatively flexible as long as it touches those topics.
  2. Posts offer value. We're looking for valuable, long form posts. Typically they will be 1,500+ words and include examples like code snippets and/or screenshots. The resource should be a one stop shop that fulfills the search intent (such as answering a question, reviewing a product, or listing solutions).
  3. Posts are not promotional. We do not accept promo or guest posts. If they are, we will outright reject them. We demand high quality content that is detailed and technical, not marketing fluff or low quality guest posts. Our authors are professionals in their respective fields.
  4. Posts are 100% original. Content must be 100% original, and completely your own. This goes for code snippets too. We run submissions through 3 checkers including copyscape to ensure that we're delivering original value to our incredible audience of readers.
  5. There's personality. We'd like technical content, but there should be some personality!

Why Work With Us?

  1. We pay well. We pay between $50-150 USD via PayPal.
  2. We offer resources and connections. We connect you with industry devs, professionals and others to give you the support and resources you need.
  3. We have a large audience. Our audience is large and rapidly growing.
  4. We support our authors. We have a Slack group and offer detailed feedback.
  5. We have long term relationships. Our authors can work with us for as long as they want. There's always work.
  6. We promo your content. We publish notifications to our email list, socials, facebook group, and have recently been also running paid ads to several of our authors pieces.
  7. You get credit. You get credit, an author page, and a link to wherever you want. Though you can choose to ghost write as well.
  8. You're part of the team. Our authors can ask for references from our editors and state that you work for us on LinkedIn.

A defined editorial process

We've been publishing content for years. From this experience, we've created a personalized author panel and defined editorial process that makes the content submission and review process quick and easy. Your writing will never get lost and feedback is centralized in one place.

Direct contact with the team

We use Slack to communicate and collaborate with our authors. It's easy to pitch new topics, ask questions, and digitally meet the rest of our team.

Author Dashboard

All authors get an account on Isotropic, where they can easily review editorial guidelines, track published articles, and review finances. All article payments are tracked here (specific to your flat rate, and/or per-word payment).
Senior authors can also submit content directly onto Isotropic, which is a WordPress-based content website.
Access To Leading Tools
We give our authors the resources they need to produce incredible content.
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